Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Two Thumbs Way Up

Tracie and I went to American Splendor last night, to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of school. It's about a file clerk called Harvey Pekar. It's a true story, and the actual Harvey Pekar is the narrator of the movie.

Pekar is an ordinary guy, with an ordinary job who by some miracle befriends a successful comic book author and illustrator. Even though he cannot draw to save his life, he decides that he would like to make a little extra cash and does so by writing a comic book about is own life. He pitches it to the illustrator by saying, "Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff."

The movie incorporates interviews with Harvey as well as clips of when he appeared on Dave Letterman to plug his comic book.

If your town isn't too small to have this movie in your theatre, I recommend it.

-Gary Milner, Really Big Internet Superstar

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