Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Death in the Family

My Grandmother died Monday morning. She was 80 years old. It wasn't completely unexpected. The last few years she was suffering from Alzheimer's pretty bad. She couldn't walk, talk, or even feed herself or drink water by herself. I don't think she really recognised anyone but on good days, she would know she was with people who really loved her.

I think her passing really hit my Mother pretty hard, as she was my Grandma's main family caregiver for the last five or six years. It's really sad, and I know my Mom is sick of people saying it was a good think because she isn't suffering or what ever. I mean it's not good, she passed away, we all miss her.

That's the worst think about death is that the people who remain miss the person. We're sad because we don't get to be with them for a while.

I had to take a couple of days off of work. It has sort of come at an opportune time as far as the company is concerned. Apparently some railway tracks were washed out somewhere in the east and we won't be able to get anything from the train for a week or so, and therefore there won't be much to do around the warehouse. I can honestly say that I never thought that problems with the rail system would affect me. I had a geography prof. that said shipping in Canada would be up the creek without a paddle if someone took out the train bridge in Medicine Hat, my hometown, because there is only one bridge across the South Saskatchewan River and it would take months to rebuild it. There aren't enough trucks or drivers to pick up the slack.

Luckily after taking two days off, I was able to pick up Saturday for the hours, and as soon as the train from Ontario is running again, there will be overtime-a-plenty. I think I will pick up as much as I can stand. We could use the money.

We'll be paying down the student loans as fast as possible with the extra money. Boy I'm dull. After we pay down the loans, we're going to watch paint dry. Maybe a little eggshell white or beige.

-Gary Milner

Ps. I'm typing this from my in-laws computer, and their popup blocker is blocking the blogger spell check.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bruised and Abused

I'm not sure whether I have ever had this many bruises in my entire life. I may have had more total area bruised, but never this quantity of bruises.

When I was really young, my Mom would ask be where I got the bruise from. Most often I didn't know. Just playing around I guess. I do remember two of them though.

One first of July, we were riding the calf roping calves after the Raymond stampede and I got kicked in the ace by one of the calves. It left a cloven hoof print on my butt. Let me tell you, if you ride a calf, it makes them real sore at you. I had the last laugh at the Sizzler a little while later.

Another time I was riding my motorcycle near the dump, and I wasn't being nearly careful enough in an area I was unfamiliar with and hit a little washed out area. My bike went down hard on my right leg. I went to the hospital, but there were no broken bones. The bruise went from hip to knee on my right leg. I had to limp for a few days, and I couldn't play tag at recess for two weeks.

Now working at the warehouse I have several bruises on both my shins, both thighs, big ones above both wrists and several on my upper arms all caused by heavy cardboard boxes. I also have a red mark/dent on my left collar bone from where a box spring mattress hit me after I didn't notice that the door was too low for it.

All and all, I'm pretty sore all over. Going to the hot tub at the leisure center really helps, but I'm too tired to do any actual swimming and I have just been spending my spare time soaking.

-Gary Milner

Ps. Allie I think it was the stuff you bought that caused me all this harm.

Friday, October 22, 2004

A dried fish cannot be used as a cat's pillow

The new pillows and duvet (doo-vay not doov-ette) are just wonderful. I was wary of purchasing a new pillow because they are so expensive and you never know if you will like the new one better than the old one even if the new one seems good in the store.

There just one more thing I need to do to make sure the pillow is good. I need to stuff all the feathers to one side, sneak up behind Tracie and yell, "Boo" a split second before the pillow makes contact.

Hopefully she doesn't read this and get tipped off to the plan.

-Gary Milner, Pillow fighter

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Proof Reading

Proof reading is important, but before I go on, I will make it clear that I don't do it nearly enough on these posts.

The day before yesterday, the warehouse newsletter was released. Now let me tell you that a lot of the guys who work there are lucky to have graduated high school. You hear about people finishing high school with a grade 8 reading level? These are the guys.

Anyway, last night a few of the guys were complaining about the security guards and other things at the warehouse, when, one of them started ripping on the newsletter. Apparently grammar and spelling are important to the few of the people there who are in between high school and college.

There were comments like, "Anniversary isn't spelled anniuersary" and "You couldn't get out of grade 6 with writing like that"

I'll give an example, "John C. got a new job with in the company. But not in this building but in the retail side of things. He is at a south Calgary mall of you go by there drop in to say hello. He would like that."(sic)

Now having worked at various student papers, I enjoy attacking people's typos, misspellings and poor grammar, but these people aren't the brightest. Two minutes of proofreading would have gone a long way. Heck reading it once would have gone a long way.

-Gary Milner

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

No more kinks

I woke up with a kink in my neck yet again this morning, and I decided that it was going to be the last time. We hopped in the car right after breakfast and went over to Sears to look for some new pillows.

I normally like shopping at Sears, or any department store really, because I like looking around at all of the cool stuff. But the thing I hate more than anything- the thing that will actually deter me from shopping in any store- is talking to me. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within five minutes of looking at pillows, at least 5 people came up to ask how we were doing. This has happened to me in many stores, but never Sears. It was crazy.

"Oh, are you looking for a four star feather pillow?"....."I see you're looking at down filled pillows, did you know that we have a sale on that brand over there?....." These questions just annoy the crap out of me. If you want to get me to stop looking at your stuff, keep it up. As soon as a salesperson comes up and asks how I'm doing, I'll put down whatever I'm looking at and say "I'm just looking" and walk away. Even if I actually was interested in that item, I don't really want to talk about it with them.

That being said, we found some nice pillows and got out of there. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Meeting The Boss

Last night, I met the co-boss that wasn't there my first night. It struck me as being something out of the ordinary, like he made a special point of meeting me because of my resume. They talked about growth within the store, that I should keep my eye on the internal job postings, and that a guy who started on the dock two years ago, is now the manager of the store in Medicine Hat. He even mentioned that I could use him as a referance. I found that almost absurd, having only worked there only 12hours at most.

I guess they understand it though. The turnover is really high, one guy told me he had been there only 2 months and there was almost all new people since he started. But beside that, I'm probably one of the only one's besides a few in management with a degree, and they realized that people with degrees are only in it because it is easier to get internal jobs than to get hired externally.

The best thing about the 3-11 shift is that you miss the rush hours. A normally 45 minute drive drops to 25 minutes. In the winter you get to see the light of day. That's one thing I really disliked about school. Leaving while it was still dark, and getting home after dark. Now at least I get to see the sun during the week.

-Gary Milner

Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Update

We went to Medicine Hat on the weekend. We had a good visit with our parents.

I started my job at the warehouse last night. It's a pretty good job, but I'm going to have to prohibit any of you from purchasing any of the following items. Pool tables, treadmills, and large snowblowers. Those things are just too heavy. Don't buy them anymore. My job involves unloading trucks and then loading them back up.

We got a little tour at the end of our shift. I found it very interesting, especially since it's one of the topics that I would have liked to studied in school. The other two guys with me found it pretty boring. Really, the warehouse is boring, and all the little details are boring. What is interesting is the whole process behind the details, and the way that they acomplish their goals.

My feet really hurt when I got home.

-Gary Milner

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Got A Job

Sunday, Jeff Campbell announced in priesthood meeting that a friend of his was looking for people to work in the Western Canadian logistics hub of a major retailer. It's unloading trucks, stacking stuff, unstacking stuff, and loading trucks, but is pays $12/hr more than I am making right now.

The place is pretty spectacular. Imagine the biggest gymnasium you have ever seen. Imagine two of them right beside each other and two more stacked on top, then imagine 20 of those beside that. Now, imagine shelves to the roof of 1/3 of that full of stuff, and refrigerators/stoves/freezers in boxes stacked on top of each other without shelves and looking like they might tip over in another 1/3 of that, and racks of clothes taking up the other 1/3.

They have forklifts that steer themselves via a wire buried in the floor. The driver just makes them go forward or backward and up and down. The driver's seat also goes up and down with the forks because otherwise they couldn't see where they were putting the stuff because it is so high. The shelves are so close together that when the forklift is going down the aisle, there is only three inches of clearance on either side. That is the narrowest aisle available.

It looks like a job that I will actually like, apart from the fact I will be unloading and loading mattresses from 3-11 every day.

The Blog Turns Two!

Wow! All I can say is wow! My blog is two years old today. I have posted on it 408 times including this post. I have written over 94000 words. I average 3 posts per week. The blog has 812 posts, which averages to more than a post a day. It's going pretty well. I admit that I'm a little surprised that it has lasted this long.

Two For The Price Of One
I was at blockbuster the other day when I noticed "two" Denzel Washington movies.

These are the covers. From examining the covers, you can deduce several things.
First, Denzel really likes those sunglasses. Second, he can't portray a right handed character very well. Notice on the "Man on Fire" poster his watch is on his right arm indicating left handed-ness, and on the "Out of Time" poster, his watch is on the left arm indicating right handed-ness, but he is also holding his gun in his left hand. This indicates to me that he is left handed but trying unsuccessfully to be a right handed character. Third, by changing the title of the script and the wardrobe, you can make one script into two scripts. Fourth, Hawaiian shirts are more thrilling and suits are more adventurous.

-Gary Milner ps. I haven't seen either of these movies.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Tracie and I have recently taken a more structured approach to dividing the chores. She is in charge of the dishes, and I am in charge of the laundry.

Let me tell you, it is working out wonderfully. For the last few days there hasn't been huge piles of clothes or dishes. I know that I got the good end of the deal. I admit that, yes, we do have a dishwasher, but not all the dishes get washed in it. All of our clothes get washed in the washing machine. This means that I can be washing and blogging at the same time, or folding and watching TV at the same time. You can't do either of those things while you are washing a pot.

Tracie thinks she got the good end of the deal but she is wrong. Realistically washing dishes shouldn't be as bad as it is, I mean you were just eating the stuff on those plates and washing them really only involves adding soap and water. But there is just something completely awful about it. I just loath sticking my hands into dishwater. I loath standing there. I loath drying the dishes off afterwards, although that is by far the least awful part of the process if you don't include putting the dishes away.

In any case, I'm glad it's Tracie stuck doing the dishes right now, not me.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pumpkin Carving Templates

If you are looking for information aobut how to carve a pumpkin, or how to make a pumpking carving stencil or template, a good place to look would be the sponsered links on the left hand side of the page.

There are those among you that may be seeking a template to carve George W. Bush into the side of a pumpkin. Who am I to disappoint.

Click the image for a larger version. Then right-click save as.

I'm sorry, I'm looking for a new place to post photos.

It is the white part that you will be cutting out of the pumpkin. I recomend outlining it somehow before cutting it. Possibly cut the white part out then use a felt tipped pen to draw it on. You could also use a nail or tooth pic to poke holes along the outline and then cut connect the dots. The gray part is where you need to cut the skin off the pumpkin. This needs to be done because otherwise the mouth wouldn't stay up.

I Wish You Weren't So Silly

I went downtown to meet with Daorcey and Nat to discuss their upcoming wedding photos over dinner. I showed them my small portfolio, and went over what I considered important aspects of the wedding photography.

I think that I had some good ideas and sounded like I knew what I was doing. We are going to meet again in the spring to go over what they want in more detail. I guess to make a shot list.

The wedding is still a long way away. Six months at least. I guess that's coming from a guy who only had eight weeks to plan his own wedding, and who's sister put her's together in about a week.

So, what do I think is important?


The only wedding photos you will ever display are of yourselves, and possible of the bride. All the other photos stay hidden in the album. At least in my case. It is conceivable that one of the entire bridal party could be displayed for awhile. Portraits of the couple are the most important of all the photos.

Bride by herself, displaying the dress (hopefully a rented dress, you can rent a much more expensive dress than you can buy, and why buy a $$$$$$$$ dress that you will only wear look at once) and the groom by himself, although obviously the pictures of the bride are more important.

Get one with couple and both sets of parents, but it is much more to get the couple with each set of parents separately. Also family portraits with all the siblings and the couple with all the grandparents in couples individually.

Get several with the bride and bride's maids and the groom and the groom's men. As well as some of them altogether.

Action Shots (Journalist Style)

Bride getting ready, hair and makeup. Groom putting tie on.

Bridal party walking down the aisle (isle for tropical weddings). Several of the bride and her father.

Bridal party with the pre-vows speech is going on, the justice of the peace, and the happy couple.

Sliding the rings on.

The kiss.

Walking back down the aisle. Just the bride and groom at this point.

People at the reception. Stick to mainly family members here, but a few close friends, and mainly when they are congratulating the happy couple.

The toasts, cutting the cake, and throwing the bouquet/garter.

And don't forget the "I do's"

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Shark Tale

Shark Tale gets two thumbs up from me. I don't know if it is for everyone though. I really enjoyed most of the jokes and referances to the Godfather and a myriad of other mob movies. I have to admit that I think that I liked Finding Nemo better. That being said, if you enjoyed all the other comuter animated cartoons, you will enjoy this one too.


Shooting Hoops

pic not availableThe other day Tracie and I were playing 21 at the gym and we found a net that was being really nice to me. I was probably having one of the best shooting days I've ever had.

In an attempt to relive my glory days, I tried dunking the ball again. I did it, and I felt very good about myself knowing the whole time that whoever put the net up didn't have a tape measure and that it was a couple of inches short.

This is a picture of me in the spring the year after I graduated highschool. I hadn't played basketball in a long time, but I discovered that it was even easier to dunk then than when I was in highschool. I had put on about 15-20lbs since I graduated, but it must have been mostly muscle. I was pretty scrawny in highschool. I've put a lot more on since then. Being 40lbs heavier than my ideal dunking weight is really weighing me down.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Donut Day

Yesterday, I sold doughnuts again. I barely made $32 after all my costs. Adam thinks it was because the weather was too nice. It was something like 25 degrees out, and so nobody was using the link between the MacEwan (not mace-wan) and the Science buildings. Stupid good weather while I'm working mostly because I only work one day a week.

New Topic

I was looking in the mirror the other day, and the though struck me, "Nose hair grows really fast." Seriously, it seems like I'm pulling nose hair out all the time, and it just keeps coming back only thicker. Don't laugh, pulling nose hair really hurts. My eyes start watering really bad, and my nose runs like crazy. The runny nose must be the body's way of lubricating the hairs to make it more difficult to pull them out or something.

Another New Topic

I went with Tracie to a little dinner party at Earl's thrown by the nursing staff from unit 51 for a nurse that went down to the emerg ward. Nurses talk about anything. Even at the dinner table. It was kind of like a train wreck, you just can't look away, but it can be pretty disturbing.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The headline in the Medicine Hat News on Saturday said something like this. "GOVERNMENT SEEKS TO BAN MATERIAL THAT CAUSES BSE. " It's been about two years and the government is just now thinking about removing the cause of BSE. Every other day there is an indignant statement in the paper about the hard nosed Americans not allowing imports of Canadian beef. Well, small wonder. At this point, what reason would the Americans have to believe the Canadian government's veracity when they say they are now going to do something about the problem? I'd be surprised if they ever allow Canadian beef back onto their market and rightfully so.

Doctor-Patient Sex Relationships

In today's news I read once again that relations are strictly forbidden between doctors and patients. I was reminded that if such a thing should occur the doctor is in big trouble buddy. In this same news article they said the reason is because the doctor is in a position of power and the patient is vulnerable. This applies even if the patient is no longer a patient. The funny thing is that nobody seems to be vulnerable unless they are a patient, so doctors, go ahead and have at it with anybody you so wish, as long as they are not your patient. Fair enough?

Sunday, October 03, 2004


The website that I'm making for Highbanks (the group that provides affordable housing for young single mothers) is almost done. The template that I am using for most of the pages is done, so really, I only have to make copies of it, and then add the content. I also want to add a bunch of pictures, at least one to every page.

After that, maybe a bunch of animated gifs and blinking text. Those two things will be the icing on the cake.

In other news, Dad if you want to post on the blog, click on the link called "Blogger" underneath the pie.

-Gary Milner

Friday, October 01, 2004

I Wish I Had Cable

Despite the fact that most TV shows are crap, I have come to the conclusion that I wish I could afford cable. The peasant vision that I have is tiding me over nicely until I can get a job, but Survivor and the Apprentice are basically the same show. Joey is funny, but really it'll take a year to get to know and like the characters. It takes a certain familiarity with the characters to really love a show.

That being said, I saw a NBC show today called, "Father of the Pride". It is a show about a group of white lions who work for Siegfried and Roy by night and are an ordinary family of lions by day. It is one of the funniest new shows I have seen in a long time. If you have cable I recommend that you give it a try, you just might like it.

The other new show that I have seen recently was the pilot for a show called, "Dead Like Me". The first season is available on DVD. It was made for cable, so they don't follow the same rules as regular broadcast TV in case you are worried about that sort of thing. "Dead Like Me" is about a girl who is killed by a toilet seat that broke off the Russian space station Mir as it was re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. She then discovers that her life was too non-committal to warrant Heaven or Hell, so she has to spend an undetermined amount of time as a Grim Reaper until she can move on.