Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is an example of panning. One of the easiest ways to pan in fact. Here's how to pan in a few simple steps.

Set your camera to Aperture Priority and stop down to f22. It doesn't really have to be that high, anything that will slow your shutter speed down to about 1/30 or 1/40 should do just fine.

Then get on the merry-go-round and have someone spin you and your model. Remind your model to hold as still as she can. You should hold your camera as still as possible as well. Then your assistant spins the ride.

Because the ride and the model are still in relation to the camera and the rest of the world is not, she will be in good focus, but the world will not be. The further that both the model and the camera are from the centre of the ride, the more pronounce the blur will be even at low RPMs.

Lost of cameras should be able to do a photo like this. Check to see if you can adjust the aperture on yours and give it a try. If you do, post a link in the comments!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Walk

We walked from our house down to Kin Coulee and took some photos this evening. We had a pretty good time.

Things have been going well. I went to Fox Valley Saskatchewan to do their grad formal photos. The other photographer, Marley, did all the individual shots while I worked on the family groups. We did 15 families. It was a long gruelling day, considering that we had to leave at six in the morning to get everything set up and then by the time we finished shooting everything at about 5pm we still had to pack up and drive for a little over an hour to get back home.

I miss understood my boss when he told me he wanted to set the studio props back up in the morning. He had intended that we unload the truck that night, but I took off thinking that we were going to do it in the morning. I was really glad to get out of there though.

It looks like we will be having a few relaxing days before another hectic day of grad formals when we have the CHHS banquet. Since all the girls are having their hair and makeup done that day, they all want to have their photos done that day too. No to mention the fact that all the boys will have their rental tuxes too. Luckily the word is spreading among the girls that you really should have a practice hair and make up day, that is to say get your hair and make up done a week before the event to make sure they aren't going to screw it up on grad night.

Pure marketing genius. Makeup artists and hair stylists double their business and give the photographers a chance to fill up a lot more appointments for an entire week before the grad ceremony, not just the day of.

I really love my job. The thing is, even when you have a really full, stressful day, you know that the next day will be better because you don't have as many appointments or if dealing with a person that just can't keep their head from tilting to the side or nose pointed at the camera you know that you'll really only be dealing with them for an hour. If you can't stand the stupid kid who doesn't want to stand by his sister or the dumb uncle who really doesn't want to be there you know that you can just shoot faster or only take 3 shots per pose rather than 4 or 5. Really you'll end up with the same photos at the end any way.

The good days more than make up for the bad days. You'll get 3 or 4 really pretty girls that really want to be there, that are excited to be graduating, that are really fun people and you really have fun doing it. You realize that if you won the lottery, you would still want to work there doing the same thing only for free.

Life is being really good to me right now.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I've seen people complaining that not many microstock photographers are posting their statistics online, so seeing no reason not to, here are mine.

Month Downloads Revenue Uploads
Mar 06 1 $0.27 3
Apr 06 4 $2.00 1
May 06 7 $3.80 25
Jun 06 30 $11.60 14
Jul 06 63 $24.60 42
Aug 06 90 $38.80 44
Sep 06 93 $42.20 7
Oct 06 104 $53.20 2
Nov 06 82 $33.60 14
Dec 06 101 $54.25 3
Jan 07 169 $113.56 36
Feb 07 191 $136.01 10
Mar 07 217 $206.49 10
Apr 07 223 $198.59 11
May 07 160 $123.25 0

1535 $1,042.22 222

Of course, May isn't over yet but you get the idea. It's pretty obvious that I need 1800 more uploads. Well, probably less, because as you build your portfolio, you clue in to what sells, and also become a better photographer. Another factor is the growth of the site itself, with more and more buyers joining everyday, each photo will perform that much better for you.

It's getting to the point that I can request a cheque about every two weeks or so. It's turning out to be a nice addition to my day job cheque which, although larger comes just about as often. It's like getting a $1.25/hour raise. is a good way to find inexpensive stock photos as well as a good way to make a few extra dollars.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

First Sunburn of the Year

Today we had four outdoor sittings. One family group of about 30, two graduation formals with families and boyfriends, and a wedding. We were outside the entire day, and what a day it was, it was 30 degrees C the entire time.

The nicest day of the year so far.

So nice in fact that I received a mild sunburn for the first time this year. It doesn't feel too bad yet, but it usually takes a little while for the full effects of a sunburn to reveal themselves.

I can't wait to go swimming outdoors.


Friday, May 11, 2007


So I turned 30 on the 8th.

I had a really great day on my birthday, my boss bought me an ice cream cake.

The day after was pretty darn good too. I went out to Schuler, a town so small, they don't have a gas station. I did photos of their volleyball teams, the basketball team, the badminton team and the student council / yearbook committee / entire junior high (They're a hard working group of student politicians doing triple duty like that). School aged kids are pretty fun in 1.5 hour doses.

In fact the last few days have been going very well.

I bought myself a new flash for my camera, and I am really excited about it. The first day of test pictures look great, and I am looking forward to using it more. It is going to be a real benefit to me. It really is working well straight out of the box, which is really good, because today, I tried to read the manual and, well... it made me want to die. So, apart from learning how to add an optional battery to make the flash recycle time shorter. It looks like I will be mostly learning by trial and error.

In any case, I'm doing well just not writing much for the blog. It doesn't seem like I've been in the mood. Hopefully this invigorates me a little.