Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two Towers

We had fun over Christmas playing with Ryker and Eric's blocks. Here is a video.

Ryker is a block demolition expert.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The pace of life at the studio has slowed way down. All the the orders that are to be delivered back to the schools have gone back. Phone calls have died way down, because even most of the late and retake orders have gone back. The photo editor printed so many photos over the weekend, we barely had time to cut them all, and we didn't get finished putting them into folders. We'll do that in the morning.

There is still lots of stuff for us to do, we're just not feeling the pressure to get it done right now. We're working quickly with the hopes of getting the stuff that has to be mailed out and even the stuff that doesn't ready in time to go under the Christmas trees here in town.

It's nice that the phone isn't ringing nearly as much.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Google Money

Saturday, I went over to my parent's house to pick up some N64 paddles to play Mario Kart and as I was going in, I checked the mail. There was only one letter and it was for me. That's odd I thought, I don't know any one in Buffalo.

I opened it up and found a check for $100.63 from google. Talk about a pleasant surprise. I find myself wishing that it would happen a little more often. Good thing the exchange rate is back down a little, because that would have been like $90 in real money a month ago.