Thursday, July 31, 2003

Seabiscuit. See Biscuit run. Run Biscuit Run.

Tracie and I went to see Seabiscuit today at the matinee. The old guy taking tickets said that Seabiscuit was the best movie playing at the time. He said that he wouldn't give a nickel for any of the other movies.

I really enjoyed it. Tracie and I give it 4 thumbs up. It's fine holiday fun.

I Like to Move It Move It!

Tracie and I are all packed up and ready to move in to our new house tomorrow night. We are staying at Tracie's Uncle Randal's house tonight. I'm planning on working a short day in the morning and then going to the house to unpack. I'm getting really excited to be moving into the new house.

I'll post again as soon as we have our internet connection in the new house. We're planning on having it done tomorrow.

-Gary Milner
Gary and I Saw Sea Biscuit

A while back Jeff gave me glowing reports on the movie Sea Biscuit. Well Gary and I went to it as a result of said glowing report and guess what. We give it four enthusiastic thumbs up.
Isn't It Ironic?

I showed up at work tonight and wouldn't you know it - nobody else was there. I talked to Michael, the 400 lbs supervisor, and he said that he thought Pattie had given me a call to tell me that there is no work until next week. Now I should have been happy about this right? I mean especially after I was just complaining that I had to go to work. Anyway he looked at the schedule for next week and I was off all week. I thought well isn't that great first of all they tell me not to come in for a week because there's no work and then when there is work I'm still off. Just then Les came in and I asked him about the scedule. "What you want to work?" I thought he meant right now so I said, "Yes". Ok, come in Tuesday at 5:00.

It would have been nice to have another week off. The grass is always greener . . .

Anna need not worry her performances are always great! Things have been slow here in "THE HAT" so I have been catching up on my useless information. Stuff like a chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body and a typical bed usually houses about 6 billion dust mites. Some things you wish you could just un-learn! I can do useless info. at work and it's easier than trying to keep up with the gossip in the branch! If anybody thinks they can help my ambition for useless info. just post below.
Back to Work

When I think about going back to work in 45 minutes, I just don't feel good about it. I've had a week long vacation from my telephone survey job and now they want me back. It's a good thing I had that other job though, because if I were relying on just Environics to pay the bills, I'd be pretty mad at not having any work this last week. As it stands I've enjoyed only working at the pool and don't feel like making any phone calls tonight. I'm planning on getting tomorrow night off and I already told them I couldn't work on Saturday. I also got the day off on Saturday from my life guarding shift.

Wedding Reception

I unfixed / re-fixed the tape with Jackie's wedding on it. Though I haven't tested it yet, I did get it back into the broken - but working state, that it was in before. I don't have a camera to test it though. Anna has been stressing about her singing at the reception but I think she'll do just fine. She never did ask anyone to play the piano for her, so I am not sure what her plan is. Is there someone that will be able to play for her? Well I've been coming to the blog for the last few days and have been disappointed with the lack of posting lately. So for those about to post I salute you.

Monday, July 28, 2003


My family just got back from a trip to Montana yesterday. While away my mom had purchased each of the children a booklet called Remember When... (I am sure Anna has one as well). Each book outlines facts from the year we were born. Mine(1983) has the introduction of the Cabbage Patch Doll, Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming an American citizen, and the price of an average car at only $8,577.00am. . Of course this is nothing compared to my little sister Lana (1989) who had George Bush Sr. hold up one pound of crack on national T.V. in his anti-drug campaign. I wonder if he passed it on to his son? Anyway! The most bizarre part is that I never thought I would be taking a nostalgic look back in time at the age of 20!

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Here's a little something to think about:

Are you going mad?

Show Me The Money!

This check, I came with in $200-300 of what Tracie makes in one check. This wouldn't be news worthy if she didn't make 2.5 times as much as me. You might think how do you make almost as much as someone who gets paid 2.5X what you get paid. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, for 107 hours over the last two weeks. That's right. Over the last two weeks, I got 107 hours. Not 80 like most people or 55 like I got at the bank. That's a lot of hours.

Yesterday, Cam's parents came to help him on a job. They are on vacation here from Saskatoon. I was able to lay almost all the bricks in a large patio by noon. It's amazing how much faster you can lay a patio of cobblestones, when you have someone passing you the bricks. I'm sure that they saves use several hours. We thought that we had mainly finnished the job yesterday except for a little sod and washed rock, but it turns out that the salesman/landscape architect forgot to tell us about a 70 foot X 3 foot path that is supposed to run along the side of the house. That's more than 50% of the entire job. How in the world do you forget to tell the contractor about half of the job? Cam's really ticked off at the guy. The guy didn't even order enough bricks, and we're also short of about 4 cubic yards of road crush. That's a pretty significant error.

-Gary Milner
Getting Ready's Been Fun

I've been busy getting ready for Jackie's Reception. I made the "Treat Bags" with the help of Berneitta and Celanie, and they look good! I have pictures of them, but I don't know how to attach pictures to the Blog.
This morning I got up early to bake cakes, and now they are finished. I only made 6 because that's how many cookie sheets I had borrowed. I'll borrow more today, and get the rest made later.
We're getting ready for company as well. Stewart and three of his kids (Dorian, Jaime, and Brianna) will arrive sometime on Wednesday and Rodger and Mary will arrive on Friday. It will be crowded, and very fun to have all the visitors! Mark and Christine and Ben and Emily will be arriving this week as well. Hopefully Tamara and Chris will be able to make it here too.
Mary Ann has been busily working on decorations all month except for the time she's been tending/playing with her Grandchildren. She's dropping them off at Grandpa Boger's this Friday on her way to Medicine Hat. She will have had them for three weeks, and she's enjoying every minute of the visit.
There have been lots of volunteers to pick up JP from the airport. Has anyone made a decision on who is going to do this?
I still have no idea of Jackie's plan. She should be coming up with one soon, and I'm sure she'll let me know as soon as she knows!
Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Marilyn Monroe - A True Story

Anna put her hands in the cement mold of Marilyn Monroe's outside Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I kid you not when I tell you that Anna said, "Oh they're really hot". Even after all these years, who wouldn't expect them to be?

Jeff Milner Movie Review - The Italian Job

The Italian Job is one of those movies that I see the preview and I think no way Jose. But it was at the Movie Mill and hence not the regular gouge you get at the other theatre so Anna and I went. The movie, while not by any means plausible, at least didn't ooze fake-ness, which in my opinion is a common downfall for action movies. I really liked the settings that they chose for this film and with the all-star cast, I couldn't help but like this film. The computer hacker that can take over the world from his laptop and explosive that seem to cut through buildings with laser like accuracy aside, I enjoyed the action in this film and it's "Ocean's 11" style theme of bad guys outwitting badder guys. The settings were great with a boat chase in Venice, some beautiful Italian mountain shots and of course my favourite, the Hollywood and Highland finale. Of course having just been there two weeks before makes any movie more interesting. So I recommend if you can find The Italian Job playing in the cheap theatres, go see it, and if not - then it's worth the rental price and more importantly you won't find yourself wishing for more thumbs.

Water Restrictions

Currently there is a water restriction on watering your lawn if you live on the South Side of Lethbridge. I of course haven't watered my lawn all year except for once last week and once yesterday. The ban started yesterday... oops. Anyway I figure I have been quite the conservatist up until now - they should cut me some slack. It was weird because when I started watering yesterday, I looked down the street and nobody was watering. "That's odd" I thought, but then thought here I go watering my sickly, ant infested, dying lawn. (Most of the ants are gone - but there are still a few stragglers and I'm out of diamaceous earth).

Mom's On the Blog

So far Mom as posted the same number of times as Jackie. Won't take long for her to pull ahead (her first post is below).

JP is coming to Canada

It sounds like JP is going to make it up here for Jackie's reception. Here is a picture of us together outside the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.

We were waiting for the valet to bring us his car.
I've accepted your invite to post

I'm on my way to the Stampede to see the FreeStage Entertainment. Thanks for helping me learn to post.

Picnic at Elkwater

Last Saturday afternoon we went to Elkwater for a picnic. Norman and Virginia went with us and we left Medicine Hat just before 4 p.m. It was a hot day, but the airconditioning in the car made for a pleasant drive to Elkwater. We had a hard time finding a picnic area with a firepit, so we settled on a camping space, which we knew better than trying. We got our fire going and a couple of kids came to check into their spot. They consented to let us finish our picnic which was generous of them! We hurried and cooked our weiners on flames rather than waiting for coals. We were enjoying our supper when we noticed the Park Wardens were talking to the campers in the camp space next to us. This made us very nervous, and we rushed to finish our hot dogs and clean up our area, but they left and didn't approach us so we continued with our picnic and ate our watermelon. The next thing we knew, the wardens were coming through the bushes the back way into our camp spot. It gave us a sick feeling... but they came up and asked us if we knew what day is was on Saturday. It was National Parks Day and to help us celebrate it, they offered us chocolate chip cookies and invited us to the Presentation at the amphitheater at 8 p.m. It was hard to feel good about our picnic while feeling so guilty! We probably won't do that again... next time we'll know we should bring a campstove! But hot dogs cooked on a campstove can't taste as good as weiners cooked over a fire! I would like to post a picture or two, but I don't know how. Maybe someone reading this will shoutout and teach me how or just e-mail me or call.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Dairy Queen Sucks: Or, Why I'm Boycotting the DQ

The Dairy Queen chain in Calgary leaves a lot to be desired. I admitt that I have only been to 3 of their franchises, but they all seem to be very dirty. The kids that work there don't even attempt to pretend that they care about anything. Tracie and I went to get blizzards the other day, but since I was still hungry I decided to have a poutine first. I specifically asked for a large water. My exact words were, "water in a large cup." To the manager. He gives me a styrofoam cup of water. Styrofoam! I had asked for a large cup with water in it! I looked him in the eyes and asked if I could have a large cup. He said that he would refill my cup. I said, "I don't feel like walking up here five times." That's why I'm boycotting the Dairy Queen. I hope the $50 that I don't spend there over the next year puts them out of business.

Anna got me a camera from the school but it hasn't been working with my computer so we are going to have to find another one. This is the only one available at the University and there was clearly a reason it was still available. Anyway I have the pictures of Jackie so now I just need to get this video and the images of Glen and I'll be cooking with gas.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

wedding pics

I'm starting to scan the wedding pics. I hope to have 100 done by tonight. I'll post as many as I have done by 10:00 pm for sure.
-Gary Milner

I got 2 rolls done in the first 2 hours, but then I had a break. It's 9:11 now, and I don't know how many will be done by 10:00.

Well there are three rolls done now, but I still have to crop the white border off all of them, and I'm too tired to post them. It's 11:00 by the way. I'll just have to do it another day. I figure it's going to take about an hour per roll or so. But now I have to go to bed. I haven't talked to Jeff about who is making a video/slide show. I guess I should call him tomorrow evening. Anyway, good night.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Star Wars Kid Update

An interesting link from, the place where the Star Wars Kid gained a lot of his fame, has an update about the money they donated to get him an ipod. There is also news of a petition on the net to try and get him into Star Wars Episode III. For those of you that haven't been following the Star Wars Kid saga, check out this nifty link and then view any of the Star Wars Kid clips. In other Star Wars Kid related news, apparently his family is pursuing legal action against those responsible for the video being leaked onto the net in the first place. They're going for a cool $225,000 CAN. Wow. All I can say is wow.

Also of interest on the same blog is a story about a car accident that killed 10. It happened just a few blocks from where we were vacationing last weekend. (Hollywood and Highland is probably something like 14 miles away with an approximate travel time of 24 mins). Anyway it's a big story in the news right now about how this 86-year-old man drove through the Santa Monica Farmers' Market and hit a bunch of people when he mistook his gas pedal for the break and then (I assume) panicked. I found their writeup to be ++informative.
On the Road Again...

I got up early this morning and headed for Medicine Hat. Mom really wanted me to fix up her computer which, as you can probably guess since I'm posting this from Medicine Hat, is working fine. I did talk Mom into buying a new 10/100mbps network card that is noticeably faster than the 10 mbps card they were using previously. Gary I recommend you upgrade your card if you are still using a slow one. The new card cost $20 but I think it will be worth it for them. So in case you are curious all I really had to do was uninstall the newest version Kazaa, some virus software called bullguard (which by the way was the main problem) and I think something called mynet or mysearch, I'm not exactly sure what it was but I guess you collected points by using it or something and I was like - "no." "This is not right". So now that's its gone and the computer is running as smoothly as ever. Perhaps I'll give Anna-Maria a call or maybe I'll just chill here for awhile watching TV. Either way, I'm planning on staying over night in the Hat and driving back to Lethbridge tomorrow before 3. They have me scheduled to work all night Sunday, and frankly I'm beginning to think about quitting that job. I guess I should just think about how I'm in a tight spot for money what with my impulse trip to Disneyland and all. (So worth it by the way - still no regrets whatsoever!) Speaking of Disneyland, still no "official" word on whether Anna has decided to take the job or not. She is moving however, she's already packed up her house and the landlord has been showing it to potential tenants.

Jeff Milner Movie Review - The Pirates of the Caribbean

While in Disneyland Anna and I took in the pirates twice, once in the theatre and once, of course, in the Disneyland park. We missed seeing the premiere held right in Disneyland by a couple of days. (click on "Check out the World Premeire" on the right and then click on "World Premiere Video" in top left). However there was still such a great atmosphere to see that movie! For one thing most everyone in that theatre is on vacation. They are there to have a good time, and a good time we had! When the movie started the audience responded with applause and cheering, and as each actor made their debut appearance in the show, again the sound of an appreciative audience filled the theatre. The thing about clapping in a show is - while it may seem really out of place in a place like Lethbridge or Medicine Hat, seeing a movie like Pirates right in Downtown Disney felt like we should applaud, like it would have been rude of us not to show our appreciation. I remember the first time I ever went to a show where the audience clapped was in Manhattan at the biggest theatre in the city. It was the opening night of "Lost in Space" and the crowd there was electric. There's a pretty good chance that the actors in the movie were there that night because we had just been to the taping of Dave Letterman where Mimi Rogers was on the show promoting this movie, and since it was opening night it would make sense that she would have been with us in that theatre. Anyway despite Lost in Space being a truly horribly crappy movie I'll always hold a certain fondness for it in my heart because of the memories associated with seeing it in that atmosphere.

Anyway back to Pirates of the Caribbean. The thing to remember about this movie is that its main motivation is a ride that opened in 1967. The storyline does require you to suspend your belief in reality and may result in a disappointment for some but the Disney-ness factor of the movie will win out overall, if you let it. I can't give my highest recommendation for this movie, because honestly it could have been better, but I by no means give it two thumbs down. I think it's a pretty good show that deserves at least a matinee viewing if not a full fledged night time $9.00 US viewing (but I only recommend paying $9 if you are in Downtown Disney). My thumbs are definatly higher than Dads.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Jane and I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" this afternoon. I hate to admit it but I hated it. I give it two thumbs down and wish I had more thumbs. It was far to fanciful for me. Also far to violent. Also far too stupid. I would have walked out of it early and cut my losses but Jane wouldn't let me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The People That You Meet Each Day!

I've been working by myself at our next landscaping job. It's prety boring, but maybe I'll get some sort of bonus out of it. The weather has been co-operating for the first two days of this pay period. I have 22 hours so far. 13 on Monday and 9 on Tuesday. Not half bad if I do say so myself.

The guy I'm working for was the photo editor at the Gauntlet in the early 70's. That's quite a coincidence don't you think?


Tracie and I went to Writing on Stone for the weekend with her parents and grandparents. It was really fun. I haven't been to Writing on Stone for two or three years.

gary milner photo

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

My Vacation

Thursday, July 10th, 2003 - Early Evening

After deciding to actually go on this crazy trip the day had finally arrived (finally as in it had been almost 3 days since we got the tickets). I was planning to work both my life guarding job and then do 3 hours at the phone survey place. Well as luck would have it Anna-Maria talked me into phoning and getting the whole evening off so that we could just leave and get to Calgary. It was a good thing because it took me about an hour to get everything done I needed to, plus we ran over to Anna's and then back to pickup some last minute laundry at my house. It was 9:30 by the time we arrived at Wally's house. We ran out and got some food for Friday and Saturday from the nearby Safeway. Helga set the alarm clock for us and we hit the hay.

Friday, July 11th, 2003 - Early Smearly

I guess somehow the alarm clock was set half hour fast and at 3:30AM the annoying sound of an alarm clock went off, (actually it went on. To say that it went off would be lying. It was definitely on.) Anyway Wally was so kind as to drive us to the airport a little after 4:00AM as planned and then we were really off. Actually we were on the plane, but it was off. After a quick layover in Seattle we arrived in sunny California and the fun began. Hitching a ride on the Disneyland Shuttle it didn't take more than 45 minutes to be in the park. We bought our tickets and entered the happiest place on earth. It still gives me tingles just thinking about it. We did so much that day, it's hard to remember all the places we went. Toon-Town to Roger Rabbit's ride, bought some cotton candy, Splash Mountain, oh and we even went over and checked into our hotel. It was so much fun! Then evening we went into the Haunted Mansion and saw the truly spectactular show, Fantastica! It's a laser/light/fireworks/live actor/animitronic masterpeice that takes place on Tom Sawyer Island and the Rivers of America. Truly an amazing site to see.

Saturday, July 12th, 2003

We got up early, went and had our complimentary hot breakfast in the train car restaurant next door to our hotel, and then walked over to the Disney Cast Building. I don't know how nervous Anna was - I know I was nervous for her. I didn't want to tell her I was nervous for fear that I might throw her off. She however seemed cool as a cucumber. The way the audition works was that everyone was assigned a number, and if when it came time for them to make cuts they read off numbers. If your number was called, that meant you were being cut. She said the highest number she noticed was 139. I left her to audition and hit Disneyland and California Adventure on my own. I remember as a kid, some of my fondest memories of Disneyland were from Tom Sawyer Island. I decided, well I'll check out the old island and just see what's over there. On the trip over I saw Tom Sawyer himself chatting it up with some of the other park guests, so when we arrived I followed him and he showed us around the Island. He showed us where Injuin Joe's Spirit was trapped in a cave and what to do if we see him. He took us to his stash of pirate treasure that he and Huck Finn stole from Captain Hook's own ship. Apparently Captain Hook has been circling the Island ever since trying to get his treasure back. Tom also took us through his caves up to a lookout fortress where we played "Fox and Rabbits". It seemed a lot like hid and go seek, but a lot more fun since I was bigger than all the other kids playing. Actually I was on pretty even ground with them in my sandals, plus I wasn't trying my hardest - didn't want to look like a psycho. We stopped by the old graveyard, and up into Tom and Huck's tree house where I learned their secret handshake. We also went down fishing - well attempted to fish, but they didn't catch anything. They just didn't have a clue as to how to catch fish. They figured it must have been some bad luck from "signing their names in all them people's books". Park guests would come up to them asking for autographs.

Later that day I checked up on Anna-Maria and we went to Taco Bell to get her some supper. She was doing great in her audition and she gave me all the details of her day so far. She had to go back for another couple of hours during which time I went and took in the X-Games at California Adventure.

Sunday, July 13th, 2003 - Call Backs and good news

Anna and I got our free breakfast again this morning and then headed to Disneyland to get in as much fun as we could before her 2:00 call back. We rode the matterhorn, Splash mountain, and California Screamin' (the sweet rollercoaster they have in California Adventure) as well as the Jungle Cruise and Tarzans Treehouse. I can't remember all the places we went, but we did a lot. We saw Muppets 3D and the Bug's Life 3D movie as well. There was the Sword in the Stone Ceremony, not to mention watching all the parades and fireworks that evening. There were so many things we did that day. Anna went back and finished her call back and was offered the job. Whether she takes or not, well I'm not sure what she is going to do. Anyway we hooked up with cousin JP after the fireworks were over and he took us to his place in Fullerton. It's a really cool place - I especially love the fact that they have an outdoor pool that their landlord maintains for them.

Monday, July 14th, 2003 - From Hollywood and Highland to Home

John Paul took us to Hollywood Blvd. where we checked out the Mann's Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We saw the cement handprints of famous actors from the last century and then took in lunch at Mel's Diner. What a great day it was. Then it was off to the airport where we flew back to Calgary and slept another night at Wally's. This time I set the alarm clock myself.

If anything this trip was not only a not a waste of money, it has been quite possibly the best trip I've ever been on. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. If you don't believe me, then go check it out yourself, you won't regret it.

Monday, July 14, 2003

California Dreamin'

I could really use some sleep. It's 1:00AM (Alberta time) but I just can't wait to let you all know what a great time Anna and I are having down here. I went to Disneyland and California adventures on Friday, Saturday, and again today. I am definitely having the time of my life down here. Anna-Maria had her call back today and preformed wonderfully. She can give you the details, if she ever decides to post. Anyway have a good night, I'm coming back to Canada tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2003


I thought I might let everyone know that Anna is doing well so far in Disneyland. She had made all the cuts when we had heard from her last night. They had also snuck into the concierge lounge for a couple treats and to make sure they got their money's worth. I hope things go as well today!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Busy As Ever

I feel bad for being so busy lately. I hardly have time to see Anna-Maria, let alone all the million other things that I should be doing. I still haven't even arranged a place for Anna and I to stay on Thursday night. Also I need a place to park the car in Calgary and hopefully I'll be able to get a ride to the airport at 4:30 or so in the morning. I know I'm insane for going on this trip but you only live once, and as I heard the bachelor on "For Love or Money" state, you should live life as if you've already lived it, only this time you're not going to have any regrets. So that's what I'm doing, living life to the fullest. Now since I don't have time to be writing this I'm going to sign off now with just a quick update on my life.

Anna and I are going to Disneyland for the weekend.

My two new roommates are working out great.

My old roommate is gone and my food is no longer at risk of being eaten.

I have to be at work at 9:00 to teach swimming lessons, guard for the rest of the day until 5:00 and then be at my other job as close to 5:00 as I can manage. I've been getting there at 5:45 and they don't seem to mind. I think they are just happy to have me as an employee.

I did set up an FTP site for mom and she would be able to upload Jackie's wedding slideshow pictures there, except I understand her computer is screwed. It's not like I have time to work on that slideshow anyway. Sorry everyone I'll have a little more time ... actually I won't really have any more time, but I'll try and squeeze it in when I get back from California. In the meantime I need to finish up the website I've been working on.
Wedding Photos

Most of us only see ourselves as a mirror image, so there's something not quite right about seeing ourselves in a photograph. My mirror image, for example, is much better looking than I ever turn out to be in real life (or, for that matter, in photographs).

I got the wedding photos back today. I haven't scanned any of them yet, but I think that I will start doing that when Tracie goes to work. There are some beautiful shots, but so far most of them will be for the album and maybe only one or two would rate going on the wall in my opinion, but I have a very critical eye, especially for my own work.

I should have one or two posted later tonight, and by tomorrow night for sure.

-Gary Milner

Monday, July 07, 2003

Getting Rich

If you can choose to get rich either by luck or by hard work, choose luck every time. For example I'm doing landscaping. I work hard all day and I'm still not getting rich. It must work for some people, but so far, it hasn't been working for me. I also seem to be a little down on my luck, because I haven't become rich by luck yet. I suppose it's all just a matter of time and the distance you walk in a day.

On my mission, I walked at least 11km every day (I counted the blocks on a map one time. Blocks are generally 100m in areas that are planned.) Over the course of 2 years that's about 8030km. 8041 if you include a leap year. In that time, and over that distance I found $3.45 on the ground. To put it into perspective the Trans-Canada Highwy is 7821km long.

I guess maybe I had better stick to hard work.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Days Off Are Just Time Wasted

Days Off Are Just Time Wasted

It seems as if the rain has gone away and that I'll be back to work on Monday. I will be glad for that. Having a day off, you always think that there is something that you should be doing. That really bugs me. I think that doing things is over-rated. Hitler did a lot of things, but I bet we all wish he'd just stayed home and played video games or gone dumpster diving.

-Gary Milner

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Gary Milner Vs. The Rain

Well it's raining again today. All this stupid rain has probably cost me close to $600 in not going to work. It's really starting to get me down. It's nice to have the day off once in a while, but if I haven't mentioned it before, I really need the money.

I dropped off the film already, and the pictures will be ready monday. I didn't have a cd made, and I only ordered singles, both of which may have been a mistake. I'll probably scan all the good ones now. If Jeff is interested, I can send them for the slide show, although I'm not sure if Jeff has the video footage. I think that it would probably be a pretty cool slide show even with only photos and video of the wedding.

I have really slowed down on the posting. It's because I spend my whole day landscaping, and then I'm too tired to post. I don't really have any good stories of jokes either, because it's hard to think of funny stuff when all you do is work by yourself.

Maybe something good will happen today.

-Gary Milner

Friday, July 04, 2003

Jeff Milner Vs. The Ants

I think the carpenter ants in my front lawn are just about ready to surrender. I bought a bottle of diamaceous earth after the first one ran out and now they seem to be suffering greatly. They were migrating toward the sidewalk in a big way, however, I out-flanked them and gave them a good spray there as well. They may have won a few battles along the way, but I'm going to win the war.

Happy Forth of July Yanks

Hope you have good fireworks tonight. I enjoyed the fireworks here in Canada on July 1st as I was driving home from the wedding late Tuesday night. Fireworks are fun.

I Liked the Tuna but the Tuna Didn't Like Me

I came home early from work tonight because the tuna sandwich that Anna so lovingly made for me wasn't sitting well. In fact it was "not sitting well" so badly that it didn't just not sit, it actually got up from where it was sitting and decided it liked the toilet better. I'm feeling much better now, at this point you're probably not.

You know the thing about throwing up, as gross as it is, it sure does feel a lot better when you get the poison out. That's all I have to say about that - for now.

Goodbye Canada Hello Disneyland

In an act of sheer lunacy I have decided to go to Disneyland for the weekend. That's right - they are having auditions there for Character Cast Members and Anna-Maria and I are in the process of planning our trip. I am really excited, and can't wait to go.

Glenneth and Jack-Hammer's Wedding Reception

Jackie and Glen are having their reception in Medicine Hat on August 2nd (correct me if I'm wrong). Jackie just called me to ask if I would put together a slide show for her. I would like to but with all the things going on right now, it's going to be a struggle to find the time. Maybe if Mom scans 50 pictures of Jackie at Earl's house and Jackie emails me 50 pictures of Glen, together with the video footage that I have I can put together a really great show.

The Phone is Ringing Off the Hook

Well I need to get back to all my errands and I've been getting calls from everyone tonight. Most recently was Anna saying that maybe we should call this crazy trip off. It's still up in the air, but I think we should go for it. If you're reading this why not click shout out so I can hear your opinion? Go for it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Congratulations Jackie and Glen!

Jackie and Glen were married yesterday, June 1st 2003, in Calgary. Here is a picture:

Anna-Maria and I were able to be there and I must say it was a beautiful day for a wedding (if a bit windy at times).
Plastic Update

I posted a story on that got published. It's about how the law in Missouri doesn't allow High School kids there to compete on School teams and other teams of the same sport during the same time period. This seems like a normal thing for us Canadians, but in the United States Missouri is one of the only States to have this rule. Check out my story, and even comment on it there if you feel like it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Milner's from 1903 to 2003 - 100 years in Canada

As Gary mentioned we had our family reunion over the weekend. Anna did put on some fancy elf ears on me and smaller pointy ears on Gary. Below is a picture of me with the ears on. I had a chance to go kayaking down the upper Saint Mary's River a couple of times with Anna, Corry, Anson, Jackie and Glen. Today I was able to recover a bit just taking it easy working at the pool and not doing too much else. Of course now I am not really prepared for going to Calgary for Jackie's wedding and we'll be scrambling to get everything in order tomorrow, especially with my plan for Anna-Maria and I to take part on the Milner float in the parade in Raymond.