Monday, September 08, 2003

The Fridge, The Roommate, and Me

It's finally come to this. I need a second fridge. Not just for space - but for sanitation reasons as well. One of my roommates had one of those giant cans of tomato sauce in the fridge. You know the kind I mean, they must hold about 5 litre of sauce. Well instead of sealing it away in any kind of airtight container he just cut the lid half way off, folded it up to use it and then folded it back down to, you know, keep the mold out. Well needless to say he had a fine culture growing rapidly in a mostly full 5 litre can of tomato sauce. He seemed hesitant to throw it out.

He did eventually throw it out and we cleaned the fridge up pretty good. However, the situation still requires a second fridge for all of our food. Anna's mother so kindly gave her a huge amount of groceries and we don't want any of it to go bad so we need more fridge space. Luckily everything fit so far. We really do appreciate the groceries. So if anyone has a fridge for sale or for "giving away" please let me know.

Make-Up Artist for Hire

I told Anna that I might advertise her skills as a make-up artist for this Halloween. She would have a blast doing it and whoever had their fancy custom made mask / custom would really love it too. It's a win / win situation. They could slap on some old age makeup or try out some elf ears. I'm sure Anna could come up with a lot of other cool ideas too. Maybe Mom or Dad would like her help to dress up this year. I'm guessing Mom really would like something fancy to show off for her Kindergarten. Hopefully she (Anna) is not off working someplace when Halloween rolls around.

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