Friday, September 05, 2003

Congratulations on the New Jeep Grand Cherokee

It's great that you were able to get the Jeep. I hope you got a steal of a deal on it. You needed a new ride pretty bad. So tell us more about the SUV, how much does it weigh (in pounds and ounces, please)? You know the important stats.

I'm looking forward to seeing you, but I imagine that since it's 11:30 that you aren't coming tonight. Maybe you went back to Disneyland.

E-Commerce Almost E-Completed

Well I have one day left in my e-commerce class, today seemed to fly by pretty fast, but it's probably because the Prof. only lectured for 2 hours and then showed us how to code in Coldfusion for 2 hours, and then spent 4 hours helping people debug the stuff they were supposed to be copying off the screen.

That class is quite possibly an indication of the future. Everyone is sitting at a computer. The Prof. writes notes on the board by typing them on his computer. Everyone else types along. I think some people have problems keeping up, but I type at just about the same speed as him, and I find it easy to catch up on the typing when he's explaining a finer point or answering a question. Any way about 4 hours into the second last class, one of the kids asks him if he will just save the typing that he's doing and post it to the website so that the whole class doesn't have to type along with him, and he did.

Not that that sort of thing is new. One time in high school I asked a teacher if she would just photocopy the notes she was writing on the overhead projector. It turned out that she didn't think that was a good idea. I guess that high school teachers are paid to keep the kids busy more than anything. Even the typing teachers, although the tedious hours of typing actually teach you something. To this day, I still say that the only valuable class I took in high school was typing 10.

Gary Milner, Really Big Internet Superstar

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