Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lots of Good Stuff

So it seems with so much to write about, I've been procrastinating. On the weekend, I made a quick trip to Lethbridge to see Heidi and meet her parents. We went to her parents house and I got to meet them along with her sister and brother in law and their kids. We had a great visit with her Dad and Mom. Apparently, her Dad googled me, and as I have gone to great lengths to be findable, it was pretty easy for him. I guess Heidi thought it was sort of weird, but it seems like a pretty smart thing to do in my opinion.

The next day we went to Waterton, we gave a friend of Heidi's a ride and spent the day in the park. I didn't bring my camera, which was a foolish thing for me to do considering the fact that I am a photographer. Anyway, we had a really good time. I love to walk and talk and all the stuff that goes along with that, tripping, stubbing your toe things like that.

I had a really great time and I wish I could see her again this weekend. Stupid living in different cities. That's the worst.

Anyway on Tuesday, I had my sleep study done. It involved sticking some short tubes into my nostrils, taping a microphone to my neck, and putting some sort of heart rate monitor thing on my finger. So it was pretty much a normal night. It went well, but about halfway through the night the finger thing really started to bug me so I put it on a different finger. Well it stopped recording after that and I had to do the test again last night.

As I was clicking the buttons on the machine I noticed that my heart was beating at 68 BPM and I thought to myself, "Boy I'm sure relaxed". As I lay there I imagined a nice flat graph of my heart rate and the idea soothed me. Just as I was falling asleep and very relaxed, !!!Ding!!! a text message startled me, then I saw it was from Heidi. And at once I knew that the flat graph showing my heart rate had been ruined. First from the scare, then finding out the message was from Heidi! I imagined a huge spike on the graph and started laughing. I can only imagine what the doctor will think. I texted her back and she got me going twice more with messages before I fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up and saw on the machine's screen, not recording, device unplugged. I must have turned during the night, and the finger thing had come unplugged from the machine. I plugged it back in, but it was too late, I was already awake for the day. I removed my finger from the device, to ease unhooking the other monitoring devices and it started beeping right away! Boy, I thought, why couldn't it make that beeping when your unplugged? I would have gotten it plugged back in right away.

The next morning I told the sleep people what had happened. They told me that they would call if I had to do the test again. I guess they need six hours worth of data. I'm getting sick of sleeping connected to that machine but I really want to know if I have trouble breathing while I am asleep.

Anyway, I'm doing well, and my next planned day to visit Heidi is coming again in another seven days if I can keep myself away this weekend.

-Gary Milner

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Really Good Weekend

So my friend Heidi came to visit me from the 12-14th and we had a really good time. Hanging out and watching movies with other people is something that I have really been missing.

We strolled around a few parks and spent most of our time chatting with each other. One thing I really like about her, and may seem silly, is that she can walk in a straight line.

We cooked for each other and my parents invited us over for dinner one night as well.

I was really when she had to go back to Lethbridge.

Then this last weekend, I helped put on an event of istock photographers. We rented a high school and found a bunch of models to shoot. There were 10 photographers and about 28 models over the course of the two days.

I shot about 750 photos and of that I thought that 200 or so were good enough to convert from the RAW format in to JPG. Of those 200 or so, not all of them will be good enough to upload to istock. I didn't look at them all at full size and seeing small copies of photos hides defects. In some of them for example I focused in the wrong spot, or the picture is just plain out of focus, and of course there are blinks and photos that are just too similar to bother uploading both.

I have uploaded 40 already, and I'll probably be uploading about 100 more. Which would be fantastic. It would mean that a quarter of my portfolio was created last weekend. I'd have approximately 500 photos online which is 25% of my new goal of 2000 photos for sale on istock. It seems like it is easily with in my reach now. Finding out how easy it actually is to find people that are willing to model for you just amazes me.

For one of my next shoots, I want to do a track and field theme, and I've already asked one kid if I could do some long jumping photos of him. He's pretty excited to do any sort of modeling for me. When I suggested long jumping he said that that would be perfect because he has perfectly symmetrical and rather large leg muscles.

Now it is just a matter of when I will be able to plan it for. It just feels like I have a lot on my plate lately. I guess anything compared to nothing feels like a lot.

I got a free eye exam the other day from a friend and so I asked him if I could do a portrait of him and his wife. I have 1500 photos to make into a slide show and somehow otherwise organize. I play ultimate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I want to go to Lethbridge to visit Heidi this weekend (and pretty much every other weekend as well.) On August 8th she we are going to see Spamalot in Calgary. Then on the 16th or 23th we are going to her parent's cabin in Montana. Then the last week of August is here and I'm back photographing kids in schools again and it is the busy season at the studio.

I guess I'm really lucky to have so many plans. This is one of my fullest summers ever, and I just want to pack more and more into it all the time. More photo shoots. More visits with Heidi. More sports. More everything. I'm really very tired.

Oh and I saw Batman on Monday. I give it two thumbs up, it's fine summer fun.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Starting The Weekend Off Right

There's new news about my new friend. Her name is Heidi and she is from Lethbridge. She's in Medicine Hat for my crazy Sunday Monday weekend.

We went to dinner and a movie, we saw Hancock and had a great time.

I give Hancock two enthusiastic thumbs up. It is fine holiday fun. The movie is very funny and very dramatic. I enjoyed it more than the last 10 movies I have seen combined. (I watch a lot of movies though)

This is turning into the best weekend ever and it hasn't even really started yet!