Friday, October 01, 2004

I Wish I Had Cable

Despite the fact that most TV shows are crap, I have come to the conclusion that I wish I could afford cable. The peasant vision that I have is tiding me over nicely until I can get a job, but Survivor and the Apprentice are basically the same show. Joey is funny, but really it'll take a year to get to know and like the characters. It takes a certain familiarity with the characters to really love a show.

That being said, I saw a NBC show today called, "Father of the Pride". It is a show about a group of white lions who work for Siegfried and Roy by night and are an ordinary family of lions by day. It is one of the funniest new shows I have seen in a long time. If you have cable I recommend that you give it a try, you just might like it.

The other new show that I have seen recently was the pilot for a show called, "Dead Like Me". The first season is available on DVD. It was made for cable, so they don't follow the same rules as regular broadcast TV in case you are worried about that sort of thing. "Dead Like Me" is about a girl who is killed by a toilet seat that broke off the Russian space station Mir as it was re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. She then discovers that her life was too non-committal to warrant Heaven or Hell, so she has to spend an undetermined amount of time as a Grim Reaper until she can move on.


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