Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pumpkin Carving Templates

If you are looking for information aobut how to carve a pumpkin, or how to make a pumpking carving stencil or template, a good place to look would be the sponsered links on the left hand side of the page.

There are those among you that may be seeking a template to carve George W. Bush into the side of a pumpkin. Who am I to disappoint.

Click the image for a larger version. Then right-click save as.

I'm sorry, I'm looking for a new place to post photos.

It is the white part that you will be cutting out of the pumpkin. I recomend outlining it somehow before cutting it. Possibly cut the white part out then use a felt tipped pen to draw it on. You could also use a nail or tooth pic to poke holes along the outline and then cut connect the dots. The gray part is where you need to cut the skin off the pumpkin. This needs to be done because otherwise the mouth wouldn't stay up.

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