Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Meeting The Boss

Last night, I met the co-boss that wasn't there my first night. It struck me as being something out of the ordinary, like he made a special point of meeting me because of my resume. They talked about growth within the store, that I should keep my eye on the internal job postings, and that a guy who started on the dock two years ago, is now the manager of the store in Medicine Hat. He even mentioned that I could use him as a referance. I found that almost absurd, having only worked there only 12hours at most.

I guess they understand it though. The turnover is really high, one guy told me he had been there only 2 months and there was almost all new people since he started. But beside that, I'm probably one of the only one's besides a few in management with a degree, and they realized that people with degrees are only in it because it is easier to get internal jobs than to get hired externally.

The best thing about the 3-11 shift is that you miss the rush hours. A normally 45 minute drive drops to 25 minutes. In the winter you get to see the light of day. That's one thing I really disliked about school. Leaving while it was still dark, and getting home after dark. Now at least I get to see the sun during the week.

-Gary Milner

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