Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The headline in the Medicine Hat News on Saturday said something like this. "GOVERNMENT SEEKS TO BAN MATERIAL THAT CAUSES BSE. " It's been about two years and the government is just now thinking about removing the cause of BSE. Every other day there is an indignant statement in the paper about the hard nosed Americans not allowing imports of Canadian beef. Well, small wonder. At this point, what reason would the Americans have to believe the Canadian government's veracity when they say they are now going to do something about the problem? I'd be surprised if they ever allow Canadian beef back onto their market and rightfully so.

Doctor-Patient Sex Relationships

In today's news I read once again that relations are strictly forbidden between doctors and patients. I was reminded that if such a thing should occur the doctor is in big trouble buddy. In this same news article they said the reason is because the doctor is in a position of power and the patient is vulnerable. This applies even if the patient is no longer a patient. The funny thing is that nobody seems to be vulnerable unless they are a patient, so doctors, go ahead and have at it with anybody you so wish, as long as they are not your patient. Fair enough?

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