Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Death in the Family

My Grandmother died Monday morning. She was 80 years old. It wasn't completely unexpected. The last few years she was suffering from Alzheimer's pretty bad. She couldn't walk, talk, or even feed herself or drink water by herself. I don't think she really recognised anyone but on good days, she would know she was with people who really loved her.

I think her passing really hit my Mother pretty hard, as she was my Grandma's main family caregiver for the last five or six years. It's really sad, and I know my Mom is sick of people saying it was a good think because she isn't suffering or what ever. I mean it's not good, she passed away, we all miss her.

That's the worst think about death is that the people who remain miss the person. We're sad because we don't get to be with them for a while.

I had to take a couple of days off of work. It has sort of come at an opportune time as far as the company is concerned. Apparently some railway tracks were washed out somewhere in the east and we won't be able to get anything from the train for a week or so, and therefore there won't be much to do around the warehouse. I can honestly say that I never thought that problems with the rail system would affect me. I had a geography prof. that said shipping in Canada would be up the creek without a paddle if someone took out the train bridge in Medicine Hat, my hometown, because there is only one bridge across the South Saskatchewan River and it would take months to rebuild it. There aren't enough trucks or drivers to pick up the slack.

Luckily after taking two days off, I was able to pick up Saturday for the hours, and as soon as the train from Ontario is running again, there will be overtime-a-plenty. I think I will pick up as much as I can stand. We could use the money.

We'll be paying down the student loans as fast as possible with the extra money. Boy I'm dull. After we pay down the loans, we're going to watch paint dry. Maybe a little eggshell white or beige.

-Gary Milner

Ps. I'm typing this from my in-laws computer, and their popup blocker is blocking the blogger spell check.

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Allie said...

Sorry about your Grandmother. No particular circumstances makes the missing of the person any easier, we are all human and we love and as such we miss those that aren't with us.

Take care, love your family and I hope your heart feels better soon.