Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bruised and Abused

I'm not sure whether I have ever had this many bruises in my entire life. I may have had more total area bruised, but never this quantity of bruises.

When I was really young, my Mom would ask be where I got the bruise from. Most often I didn't know. Just playing around I guess. I do remember two of them though.

One first of July, we were riding the calf roping calves after the Raymond stampede and I got kicked in the ace by one of the calves. It left a cloven hoof print on my butt. Let me tell you, if you ride a calf, it makes them real sore at you. I had the last laugh at the Sizzler a little while later.

Another time I was riding my motorcycle near the dump, and I wasn't being nearly careful enough in an area I was unfamiliar with and hit a little washed out area. My bike went down hard on my right leg. I went to the hospital, but there were no broken bones. The bruise went from hip to knee on my right leg. I had to limp for a few days, and I couldn't play tag at recess for two weeks.

Now working at the warehouse I have several bruises on both my shins, both thighs, big ones above both wrists and several on my upper arms all caused by heavy cardboard boxes. I also have a red mark/dent on my left collar bone from where a box spring mattress hit me after I didn't notice that the door was too low for it.

All and all, I'm pretty sore all over. Going to the hot tub at the leisure center really helps, but I'm too tired to do any actual swimming and I have just been spending my spare time soaking.

-Gary Milner

Ps. Allie I think it was the stuff you bought that caused me all this harm.

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