Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Update

We went to Medicine Hat on the weekend. We had a good visit with our parents.

I started my job at the warehouse last night. It's a pretty good job, but I'm going to have to prohibit any of you from purchasing any of the following items. Pool tables, treadmills, and large snowblowers. Those things are just too heavy. Don't buy them anymore. My job involves unloading trucks and then loading them back up.

We got a little tour at the end of our shift. I found it very interesting, especially since it's one of the topics that I would have liked to studied in school. The other two guys with me found it pretty boring. Really, the warehouse is boring, and all the little details are boring. What is interesting is the whole process behind the details, and the way that they acomplish their goals.

My feet really hurt when I got home.

-Gary Milner

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