Sunday, October 10, 2004

I Wish You Weren't So Silly

I went downtown to meet with Daorcey and Nat to discuss their upcoming wedding photos over dinner. I showed them my small portfolio, and went over what I considered important aspects of the wedding photography.

I think that I had some good ideas and sounded like I knew what I was doing. We are going to meet again in the spring to go over what they want in more detail. I guess to make a shot list.

The wedding is still a long way away. Six months at least. I guess that's coming from a guy who only had eight weeks to plan his own wedding, and who's sister put her's together in about a week.

So, what do I think is important?


The only wedding photos you will ever display are of yourselves, and possible of the bride. All the other photos stay hidden in the album. At least in my case. It is conceivable that one of the entire bridal party could be displayed for awhile. Portraits of the couple are the most important of all the photos.

Bride by herself, displaying the dress (hopefully a rented dress, you can rent a much more expensive dress than you can buy, and why buy a $$$$$$$$ dress that you will only wear look at once) and the groom by himself, although obviously the pictures of the bride are more important.

Get one with couple and both sets of parents, but it is much more to get the couple with each set of parents separately. Also family portraits with all the siblings and the couple with all the grandparents in couples individually.

Get several with the bride and bride's maids and the groom and the groom's men. As well as some of them altogether.

Action Shots (Journalist Style)

Bride getting ready, hair and makeup. Groom putting tie on.

Bridal party walking down the aisle (isle for tropical weddings). Several of the bride and her father.

Bridal party with the pre-vows speech is going on, the justice of the peace, and the happy couple.

Sliding the rings on.

The kiss.

Walking back down the aisle. Just the bride and groom at this point.

People at the reception. Stick to mainly family members here, but a few close friends, and mainly when they are congratulating the happy couple.

The toasts, cutting the cake, and throwing the bouquet/garter.

And don't forget the "I do's"

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