Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Got A Job

Sunday, Jeff Campbell announced in priesthood meeting that a friend of his was looking for people to work in the Western Canadian logistics hub of a major retailer. It's unloading trucks, stacking stuff, unstacking stuff, and loading trucks, but is pays $12/hr more than I am making right now.

The place is pretty spectacular. Imagine the biggest gymnasium you have ever seen. Imagine two of them right beside each other and two more stacked on top, then imagine 20 of those beside that. Now, imagine shelves to the roof of 1/3 of that full of stuff, and refrigerators/stoves/freezers in boxes stacked on top of each other without shelves and looking like they might tip over in another 1/3 of that, and racks of clothes taking up the other 1/3.

They have forklifts that steer themselves via a wire buried in the floor. The driver just makes them go forward or backward and up and down. The driver's seat also goes up and down with the forks because otherwise they couldn't see where they were putting the stuff because it is so high. The shelves are so close together that when the forklift is going down the aisle, there is only three inches of clearance on either side. That is the narrowest aisle available.

It looks like a job that I will actually like, apart from the fact I will be unloading and loading mattresses from 3-11 every day.

The Blog Turns Two!

Wow! All I can say is wow! My blog is two years old today. I have posted on it 408 times including this post. I have written over 94000 words. I average 3 posts per week. The blog has 812 posts, which averages to more than a post a day. It's going pretty well. I admit that I'm a little surprised that it has lasted this long.

Two For The Price Of One
I was at blockbuster the other day when I noticed "two" Denzel Washington movies.

These are the covers. From examining the covers, you can deduce several things.
First, Denzel really likes those sunglasses. Second, he can't portray a right handed character very well. Notice on the "Man on Fire" poster his watch is on his right arm indicating left handed-ness, and on the "Out of Time" poster, his watch is on the left arm indicating right handed-ness, but he is also holding his gun in his left hand. This indicates to me that he is left handed but trying unsuccessfully to be a right handed character. Third, by changing the title of the script and the wardrobe, you can make one script into two scripts. Fourth, Hawaiian shirts are more thrilling and suits are more adventurous.

-Gary Milner ps. I haven't seen either of these movies.

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