Thursday, October 21, 2004

Proof Reading

Proof reading is important, but before I go on, I will make it clear that I don't do it nearly enough on these posts.

The day before yesterday, the warehouse newsletter was released. Now let me tell you that a lot of the guys who work there are lucky to have graduated high school. You hear about people finishing high school with a grade 8 reading level? These are the guys.

Anyway, last night a few of the guys were complaining about the security guards and other things at the warehouse, when, one of them started ripping on the newsletter. Apparently grammar and spelling are important to the few of the people there who are in between high school and college.

There were comments like, "Anniversary isn't spelled anniuersary" and "You couldn't get out of grade 6 with writing like that"

I'll give an example, "John C. got a new job with in the company. But not in this building but in the retail side of things. He is at a south Calgary mall of you go by there drop in to say hello. He would like that."(sic)

Now having worked at various student papers, I enjoy attacking people's typos, misspellings and poor grammar, but these people aren't the brightest. Two minutes of proofreading would have gone a long way. Heck reading it once would have gone a long way.

-Gary Milner

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