Monday, November 01, 2004

Bambi is Dead

I hit a deer on the way back to Medicine Hat from the cemetery in Magrath. We were just leaving Taber right by the sugar factory and a baby deer ran right in front of the car. I didn't see it until I had already hit it. By the time we walked back to it, two big trucks passed right over it, and a car had smashed into it again. If it wasn't dead from me smashing into it at 100km/h the second car surely put it out of its misery. We pulled it to the side of the road and left.

To tell you the truth, I felt worse about the front of my Dad's car than actually killing the deer. If the repairs cost less than $2000 I will be surprised. Stupid deer. It seems like a deer would hear you coming. It's not like deer are deaf. They won't even let you walk with in 30 feet of them, but they don't seem to worry about cars.

The funeral

The funeral was very nice. There were lots of people there. I recognized most of them as being friends of my grandmother's for over 30 years. Some were likely friends for 40-45 years. Friends since the time they moved to Medicine Hat in the 1950's. That's just amazing.

When my Grandmother's family move to Medicine Hat they, along with another family doubled the number of people attending the church to 24. Now there are at least a thousand people attending in Medicine Hat every week. It boggles my mind.

My Aunt Mary-Ann gave a beautiful eulogy, and Alan Thompson gave a wonderful speech. The grandkids all said something about my Grandmother and why they thought they were the favorite.

The Diet

Now that I am working at the warehouse, I don't have enough time to eat and I spend all day lifting heavy stuff. I have lost 10 lbs already. If I stay on pace, I will meet my goal by the end of the year.

I think Tracie is jealous.

-Gary Milner

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