Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's My Name Again

So I've been temping at a place where they sell cable tv, broadband internet and deal with people switching between telephone companies. On my first day there I had this exchange.

"This is everyone, everyone this is-what's your name?"



"No, Gary"


"No, Gary"


"No, Gary"

I must mumble pretty bad, because several people over the last few days have thought my name was Kerry. Anyway, over the next few days the team leader and one other person have been calling me Jerry. I thought it was funny for the first few days and so I didn't say anything. The few days after that I thought that some of the other people who learned my real name would tell her. Now it's been over two weeks and I'm too embarassed to tell her that my name isn't Jerry. Really it's embarassing for both of us.

I just don't know what to do. I feel like George Costanza, only he could get himself in to a position where he would have to pretend to have a name other than his own.

I'm thinking of dealing with it over email so that I don't have to do it in person or find a way so that other people don't overhear. That seems like it would be the least embarassing for everyone involved. That and I don't have one of those name tags that say, "Hello my name is"

-Gary Milner


Tracie said...

There's no doubt you're a mumbler. I have a hard time understanding you at the best of times.

It could be your accent that the people have trouble with also. I have had a few people ask me to repeat what I've said a few times and eventually tell me my accent was too thick. That rarely happens though. I think my accent only gets thick when I'm really tired.

If you want I could go to your work one day and deliver a package with your name on it. Or I could pretend it was your birthday and deliver a cake that says "Happy Birthday Gary" and you could share it with the whole office.

If you're going to be there another month, that might not be a bad idea actually.

Or I could just start calling you Kerry. Or Jerry.

Bob Milner said...

Hehloe Jerrreee.

Jeff Milner said...


J-P and Mary Ann said...

too funny, George!