Sunday, January 08, 2006

Truck Shopping

I went truck shopping with Nick today. He wants to get two trucks for the shop a three ton truck that will hold four pallets and a five ton truck that will hold ten pallets of fruit and vegs of course.

We stopped by a few places but they wanted a little too much for their used trucks. We are going to scan the classified ads to see if we can find a private sale first.

There is the chance of buying two new trucks but that is an added risk. If we could be sure of doing our goal level of business in the first month, the new trucks would be fine.

The only issue is that we would have to find trucks that already have canvas covers. There is a three month wait to get one built on a new truck, and we would need it before then.

We also went to see the building where the shop is going to be. It's huge! It will be big even when all the fittings are in. It's starting to look really good. I'm getting very excited to see it and to start.

I didn't take my camera with me this morning, but I will be doing photos to show the progress of the shop as soon as I can. I'm going to get my forklift licence asap as well as a class 'b' licence so that I can drive the bigger of the two trucks as a back up. The plan is for me to drive the smaller one to bring an early load from the market.

Things are looking really good as far as the shop is concerned. We are in the process of getting quotes from everyone right now and we will be ready to go at the beginning of March.

-Gary Milner

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