Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Koala a la Great Ocean Road

On our three day road trip along the Great Ocean Road we left our Avis rental car for a few minutes to see the Koalas.

Tracie had stopped to call her family on Boxing day and Steph went for a little walk along a side road. I went down to the beach. When we all met back up, Steph took us to see the Koalas.

As you can see the Koala we found was awake. Which is a little surprising becasue they are a nocturnal animal and everyone I have met with pictures of a koala has pictures of a sleeping Koala. I guess it's shots like this that give people a false hope that they will find an active koala during the day.

This one may have had insomnia. It seemed to be alert and a little nervous of the three of us walking around underneath of it. He climbed higher after a little while.

It's easy to tell where there is a group of koalas in a gum forest because they eat the leaves off the trees and the trees all look like they are dying. Which of course they are.

-Gary Milner

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