Monday, January 09, 2006

Backmasking Unmasked

My brother Jeff, was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal about a month ago, and the article was on the cover on Monday.

Jeff set up a website that shows people a little about Backmasking. Which is basically including a message recorded in reverse into a song. Wikipedia has an interesting article about backwards messages.

Getting on the cover of the Wall Street Journal is the first major non-internet attention that Jeff has received and it has spawned a bunch of radio interviews. With the major national networks in the States and just about every major Canadian newspaper is running an article and the local papers are falling over themselves for interviews. I guess it makes a big splash in Canada when an unknown Canadian kid makes the cover of the Wall Street Journal.

Now if only David Letterman needs a three minute segment, or Regis and Kelly. I'm sure Jeff would settle for Maury though.

-Gary Milner

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Jeff Milner said...

Well it's pretty major non-internet attention, but it's not the first. I was also printed up in the Salt Lake Tribune last spring.