Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Temping in Perth

Things are going good here in Perth.

Yesterday morning, I went to a vineyard to help the Nick and the owner out with a little weeding in the mango grove. The owner is 71 and hasn't had time to get to it and the weeds were getting pretty high. Nick wanted to lose some weight and do a good turn to the guy at the same time.

We finished two rows of about 12 trees each and were sitting down for some cheese and crackers when I got a call on my cellphone. I wondered who it could be because no one calls me except Tracie and I have a special ring tone assigned to her. Low and behold it was the temp agency Hudson. I hadn't had a call from them for three months! They asked if I was still in Perth and would I please come in to do some temping. They needed me in asap and could I be there by 11:00? I told them that 12:00 would be more realistic but they conviced me to be optimistic and so I said I would try to be there by 11:00.

I worked the rest of the day there and then again for the entire day today. They actually want me to come in for the next few days. It is close to being one of the most boring jobs I have ever had, but also one of the highest paying, so I can't complain.

But when it comes to the best news ever, nothing comes close to the fact that Tracie is coming to Perth on Friday. I am very excited. Being away for two weeks was killing me slowly. I can't wait to see her.

The shop is coming along well, we have a lot of the things sorted, the final plan for the cool rooms has been settled, the doors are on, the roof is almost finished if not finished today. The displays are under construction and the tills are on order. We decided not to get a big truck and so we are going to make do with the little truck and a trucking line. The trucking contract is under negotiations.

All that is left for me is to find a flat by Friday. I have a granny flat that I will be going to see tonight, and I think that it might be just the thing for us as it is mostly furnished already.


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