Thursday, January 12, 2006

Driving Rental Cars in Australia

So, I've been here in Australia for almost six months. We've rented cars from Avis and Bayswater rental cars, and a place that rents campervans to backpackers, and I've pretty well aclimated myself to driving on the left for the most part. I'm not making the same mistakes as at first anyway.

The thing is now that I'm here in Perth by myself, I rented a GTA: Vice City for my laptop from a video store and I've found that I don't really like driving on the right hand side in the virtual world. Head on collisions are a major problem when my charater is running away from the police.

I wonder if they will ever produce a left driving version or mod of the game for Aussies or Brits. I bet the issue of left side drivers never crossed their minds.

-Gary Milner

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Jeff said...

The Aussies don't have the same problem that you are. You have taught yourself something and now are telling your brain to disregard it. The locals only encounter the first step in this process.
I still have a British Driving Liscense. Going over there even for a couple of weeks is really easy. Coming home takes a few minutes to get used to, especially when turning through an intersection.