Friday, January 06, 2006

Alone in Perth

This photo isn't actually in Perth, but it illustrates things very well.

It is funny, but I find flying without Tracie a lot less stressful than flying with Tracie. I guess it must be because I'm less worried about things going wrong when I don't have her to take care of. I'm sure that she thinks that I don't really take care of her as much as she takes care of me though.

I got to the airport and did self check in because I had purchased my ticket over the internet. The only ques I had to stand in were to drop off the bags and to actually get on and off the plane. I believe Tracie's uncle Jeff when he advises to travel with only carry on luggage as much as you can.

I rode the bus to Nick's house, but his friend wasn't home when he went to drop off the key. He hid it with the intention of calling me and telling me where to find it, but you have to turn your phone off on the airplane.

To make the best of things I went for a dip in his pool and then headed down to the beach after dumping my stuff in his backyard.

When I got back they were home and they decided to take me out to dinner.

Nick is single-mindedly a business man. He spoke to the owner of the restaurant while we were sitting at the table and told him that he was opening a fruit shop that specializes in selling by the box and that the restauranteur should come by when it opens. Nick got the man's card to call him when it opens.

Having just 10 restaurants come by a week means a couple of thousand extra in sales every week. They are quick sales too, a few minutes in and out.

Tracie is picking up shifts in Sydeny. I don't know if she has had any shifts there yet. Maybe she'll let us know in a little while.

-Gary Milner

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Tracie said...

Hi Gary. I start on Tuesday night and I told them that I'll work every week Tues through Fri night for the next few weeks.

Sorry you're lonely...Enjoy yourself as much as you can. Enjoy the good weather and go to Cottesloe. It's been raining in Sydney the last 3 days.