Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Great Ocean Road

We rented a car for three days to travel from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. This was one of two very spectacularly scenic spots.

It goes by the name, "The Twelve Apostles" It had a different name in days gone by some thing to do with animals. Maybe Sow and piglets, Hen and Chicks or whatever. I guess they figured that it was worth a more dignified name. That and they wanted to kill it with an overabundance of tourists.

For people from Calgary, imagine going to Lake Louise on the busiest day of the summer. Luckily there is no beach access, and so you can still get the exact same photo as the postcards just by dropping your camera on the ground.

That's how I got this photo actually. Don't worry the camera is fine, but Tracie is still limping.

-Gary Milner

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