Friday, January 20, 2006

Flight to Perth

Tracie's flight to Perth arrived 20 minutes early, which was nice because she must have been landing at just about the same time I was arriving at the airport. I was very excited to see her and it has been very nice having her back with me after two weeks.

I found a flat to rent, although I don't know how long we will be staying there. It is pretty small and doesn't have a washing machine. We might be able to share with the landlords but I never discussed it. It is pretty nice and pretty cheap at $120 per week. I guess we'll be looking for another place soon though.

Things are getting done for the shop bit by bit.

Working as a temp has been good. The place where I am now sells telecomunications services and cable tv. There are telemarketers in the backroom, but I do report checking until 3:00pm or so and then data entry.

From what I have seen it seems to me that a lot of problems that people encounter with signing up for broadband internet could be solved by having the paperwork more clearly organized and with more straight forward questions.

In any case I am getting very good at finding short stings of numbers in the middle of long strings of numbers.

-Gary Milner


Jeff said...

Can you register with your agency again, or are you going to enjoy some time at the beach?

Tracie said...

I've registered with a new agency. My three months with my old one are up. Too bad too because they were really good. When my permanent residency comes in I can work for whoever though.