Thursday, January 12, 2006

Banara Fresh!

We went to the shop today to get things sorted. Nick's son is building all the checkout counters and displays for us.

Nick spent about two hours discribing everything he wants built and the various issues that will have to be over come. Such as the load bearing posts in the middle of the shop. It looks like they will all be in the middle of the displays and won't get in the way.

The shop is 655 square meters which is 7050 sqare feet. About 1/3 will be taken by the back room and cold storage.

The opening on the left will be covered by a roller door, but it won't be used it is only to comply with bylaws. The middle door is the customer entrance/exit. On the right is the loading door and a back entrance.

The cool rooms are going in the far right corner. The office and toilet are going in the far corner near where the people are standing and the back room will surrond that.

We met with the guys from the refrigeration company to discuss how we want the cool rooms to be. They are ordering all the supplies on Saturday and the coolroom should be finished by late feb.

Nick's son is starting to build the displays etc. in Nick's garage on Monday. It's a hugh job compared to building a kitchen- and building a kitchen is a big enough job in and of itself.

We went to look at a pair of our competitors and our shop is going to be bigger than both of them combined, size wise, and we will have more varieties of products than them as well. One is an asian grocery store and the other is a regular supermarket. Neither has a good produce section. Nick and I are confident that we will be able to provide a higher level of service and take care of the produce more effectively. By that I mean keep it looking nicer and have less spoilage.

This shop is going to be very profitable and I'm sure that we are going to be exteremely busy there.

-Gary the Fruiterer.

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