Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gary....Not as good as he thinks he is

A few posts ago, Gary told the world how he was losing weight from working at the warehouse. Well, it seem that I too am losing weight from Gary's work at the warehouse.

This may be shocking to hear, but Gary is a very bad influence on me. He loves to eat, and he especially loves to eat junk food. I love it too... but I won't eat it if it's not in front of me. Since Gary has been working evening shifts, he has not been around in the evenings to say things like "Let's make popcorn, Tracie", or "Let's go to 7-11 for some chips and a big gulp" (sometimes even a super big gulp). Because his bad influence is gone, I too have lost weight. Five pounds in 3 weeks....the exact amount of time Gary has been working.

-Tracie, Glad for more reasons than one that Gary is working.

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