Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Woman Saves Drowning Child

EDMONTON: Christine Sieben was six months pregnant in July when she saved a little girl from drowning.
On Monday, accompanied by her 12 day old son, Sieben was honoured by the Royal Humane Association during a ceremony at the Edmonton police headquarters.
Sieben was on a beach at Gleniffer Lake near Red Deer on July 17, sun tanning with a friend, when she heard cries for help.
A mother , her daughter, and a man had been playing on an inflatable raft when it overturned and they began to sink.
Hearing the commotion but not realizing how many people were involved, Sieben grabbed her inflatable raft and went to help. "I didn't think it was a big deal at the time because I didn't think anyone was in danger." Thirty meters from shore , Sieben spotted a little girls head above water, but didn't realize the girl was being held up by her submerged mother. The man had already sunk out of sight.
Sieben pulled the girl into the raft and paddled to shore. The little girl said nothing about the two adults until they got to shore. By then it was too late. The two had drowned.
"When I got back to shore , some people said that it could have been a disaster for me because I could have been pulled under by the three victims. " I'm so glad I'm here now with my little baby."

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