Monday, November 22, 2004

Post With The Most

A lot of stuff has happened over the last little while. I apologize to my reader for not posting more often.

We had a surprise party for my Dad on Friday. There must have been close to 60 people at the party. When my sister, Jackie, got home to Medicine Hat, my Dad said, "Wow! Jackie, you're home! Jeff's coming tonight too!". When I got to town, he said, "Everyone is going to be here for the weekend!"

We sat around visiting for the most of the day and then after supper, Jackie, Glen, my Mother and I decided to go to the "mall". We invited my Dad to go with us, but he said, "No Way!". He's pretty predictable in his old age.

Outside I asked my mom if the "mall" was going to be unlocked. She said, "We're not really going to the mall, we're going to the church." I said, "I know. You really have a lot to learn about using code words."

In any case we set everything up and at 7:00, we had a friend of my Dad's call him and ask for a little help repairing something at the church. He was holding a tape measure when he opened the door and we all yelled surprise. He said he didn't think the surprise was for him until he was ushered into the room and everyone started singing. I guess my Dad isn't a really hard target for a surprise party especially since we've never thrown a party for him before.

It was a great party, everyone was having a great time visiting with each other. My sister made a game called, "Which is older". She found the date a long list of things was invented, and people had to guess if the things were older than my Dad or not. Silly Putty is older than my Dad, but Barbie dolls are not. My Dad is the perfect age for the game because he was born in during the war. I gave a little speech. It was based on a letter I wrote to my dad in 1981 when I was four years old. I'll post a copy when I get one, just let me say that my jokes have stood the test of time, and it's pretty funny.

Jeff gave a really good speech about my Dad, it was a little like a roast, but most of Jeff's stories were really good. He had the whole room in an uproar.


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