Monday, November 01, 2004

Crazy Times at the Gym

Now I'll admit that I haven't been very physically active in the past two years, but before that I was a religious gym goer. If there was one thing I hated then and that I still hate today, it's the "gym craze". You know what I mean....after New year's resolutions have been made, at the beginning of September and of course, after a new gym opens in the neighborhood.

I went to the gym tonight after Gary left for work. I hung out at the library while I waited for a pilates class to start. I eventually made my way down there only to find that the whole gym was a zoo. Not even one cardio machine was free, and only about 5 or 6 weight machines were avaiable. And this is no small gym. Anyway, long story short is that the pilates class was so full that they had a guy stationed at the door turning people away. I just left. Didn't do weights or anything. The sad thing is that I had all afternoon free. I should have known.

I'll just have to keep going in the daytime until the craziness has died down.

Tracie, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I hate crowds of people.

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