Monday, November 22, 2004

Out Damned Spot, Out I Say!

Tracie and I rented a carpet cleaner on the weekend and cleaned all of our carpets. It was surprisingly a big job that even more surprisingly went very quickly.

We are kicking ourselves for not doing it earlier. Almost all the spots in our floor went away. We also moved a lot of stuff under the stairs. We probably should have thrown it in the Garbage.

What in the world are we going to do with all this stuff? It seems wrong to throw it out. It seems like it will cost more to advertise it for sale than we could get for it. It doesn't seem worthwhile to put it in storage, because we aren't sure if we will be returning to Canada permanently. I don't want to foist it onto either of our parents. The question remains, what in the World are we going to do with all of our stuff.

The clothes will be relatively easy. Anything with holes can go in the garbage. Anything that we don't wear can go to charity. What about the furniture? The couch and chair Tracie bought from the Salvation Army can go to the dump. But how can we get them there? We don't have a truck or an SUV or even something with a trailer. Then there is the good furniture. The computer desk has many wonderful years ahead of it. Maybe even decades, I guess, depending on the lifespan of the desktop computer in its current form. The spare bed we could probably sell, but the master bed should probably be sent to live in the country where it will have plenty room to run and play.

So the carpets are clean. The walls need paint. The deck may have to come down, permits are (#squarefeet X $11.60 X .0065 + $50) and we still have to add the rail.

If anyone knows what people without a truck can do with their stuff, let me know in the comments.

-Gary Milner

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