Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Tracie and I had our passport photos taken yesterday. Mine looks just like me. Tracie has to get retakes though because the rules in the application say that your mouth must be closed. Apparently if you take passport photos for minimum wage, you don't really care about what the rules say. That or you just don't bother telling the person about to get shut down by the gov't.

The other thing I did was work on the Highbanks website. It looks pretty good, but there are a lot of broken links, and a lot (almost all) of the content still needs to be added. I have to do a little bit of formating as well. It looks like there will be hours of work left. Feel free to leave comments about my first attempt at web consulting here.

My job is coming along quite well. I can pretty much do it all by myself now. Really it is a matter of memorizing the details. The only thing that worries me at all is what I will be doing for the exceptional events that only happen only once every three months.

-Gary Milner

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