Saturday, November 27, 2004

Superstore Still Just Super

While at the Superstore the other day, I found four carts in the parking lot, all with loonies. I know I have said that I like Calgary for various reasons in the past, but finding four shopping carts with loonies in them just makes me love this city even more.

I really hate it when people apologize for not posting more often, so this will be the last time I do it. Sorry for only posting once a week. Working from 3-11 really eats your time. It means that I only have from 10:00-2:00 to post, but I still want to eat lunch and stuff. Anyway I'm really annoying myself.

The diet is going good. I'm down to 225 from 240. All my newest pants are too big. My old pants fit again, too bad they all have holes in the crotch. I guess that was one of my main reasons for buying new and bigger pants.

The job is going well. This pay period, I'm going to have at least 16 hours of over time. Maybe more depending on how much they give out during the next week. Would everybody please just keep buying crap that they don't need so that I can get more overtime?

Christmas is coming, Tracie still hasn't finished making the gifts for her family yet. We've spent more money on materials than we wanted to and it will still take Tracie about 30 hours to make everything.

Christmas rant paragraph deleted on orders from CENSOR (Tracie)

What's on my wish list? Only things that are too expensive for the people I know to buy me anyway, so I have two lists. A real list and a pretend list.

The realist's real list: white sport socks sized 11-13, Levis 535 jeans size 38 waist 34 leg, White T-shirt with small logo and no text, and various non-perishable food items, preferably Campbell's tomato soup.

The idealist's ideal list: any Ipod, Laptop with DVD burner, or Nikon digital SLR camera.

The Highbanks website is coming along just fine. Maybe a little slow for what they were hoping but it's looking really good.

I've read in various design magazines and websites as well as heard it from Jeff and other design people that the clients always want something that looks ugly. Well I've only had one design job and it's happened to me. They want photos done in a manner similar to another website that uses comic sans as its body font. I'm the type of person that wants more sans in comic sans. (That's even funnier if you speak French).

So I've been getting emails from semi-computer-illiterate people that don't know about the Bcc function in email, so I will just continue my rant here. Do not forward emails using the to: or cc: address bars. This allows everyone to see all the email address of all the people you send the email to. People might not know that cc: means carbon copy. An exact copy of the email is sent to everyone, email addresses and all. Bcc: stands for Blind carbon copy, an exact copy of the email is sent to everyone, without advertising everyone's email address to viagra sellers.

In any case this post is getting a little long.

-Gary Milner, internet superstar

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