Sunday, July 31, 2005


We haven't seen many of the sights in Perth yet. It's been the weekend, and now that it is Monday, we're just trying to get as many errands done as possible. We went to the nursing board to get Tracie's registration, but we need to get certified copies of her passport and New South Wales nursing registration first. We bought two identical cell phones. We went to the imigraition office, but the line was so long, we couldn't bare it and so we are going back in the morning 15 minutes before it opens. Then we rode the train to the Western Australia Nursing Association to get Tracie all signed up for woking right away. This afternoon we will be looking for a more permanent place to live. Hopefully we can move in right away.
Once we get these few errands taken care of the photos and posts will come along a lot more often and be a lot more interesting.
-Garydile Dundee

ps. Only two dingo bites so far today.

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