Monday, July 11, 2005

This is What it Feels Like to Emmigrate

Six more days to go. There are a few things to update. The Autotrader resolved our issue, we had to talk to two girls who really didn't know how to give customer service (other than "Sorry, but screw you") before we found a lady who actually knew how to resolve our concerns she is giving us a free week for our ad with the corrections made. I guess we will be here for four days during the new ad's run.

This morning we placed an ad in the Medicine Hat News and in the For Sale by Photo in the Medicine Hat Mall. You can see our car for sale in Medicine Hat here. We bought the ad online last night and then went in to see it at the mall this morning. It was still being printed. The guy said that it would be up in 15-20 minutes. We came back about an hour later and it had been printed, but he hadn't put it on the board yet, because he was talking in MSN Messenger. I asked to see it, but that didn't clue him in to the fact that I wanted the ad up so that other people see it an buy my car. A few minutes later I asked him if he was waiting for more ads to print or if he could just put mine up. He looked annoyed that I interupted his instant messenging.

Over all we are having a really good time here in Medicine Hat. I wish we could stay here untill it was time to fly to Hong Kong.

-Gary Milner

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