Thursday, July 07, 2005

Trader Classified Media Sucks/Trader Publications Suck

Do not advertise anything with Trader Publications. They provide very poor service and nobody reads the ads anyway. I'm speaking specifically about the Autotrader, but I'm sure that they all suck equally.

I only received one phone call during the entire first week reguarding my ad, and it was from a competitor asking me if they could place my ad for free since they wanted to populate their database.

We went in to the Autotrader to make a few changes to our ad, WELL BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR CHANGES and they failed to make the changes to our ad. This is why they suck.

The Autotrader is the worst publication I have ever used to advertise a car for sale. I strongly recommend that you do not use them to advertise anything. Due to their incompetence I have lost a week of time for selling my car, and possibly will take a hit to the tune of several thousand dollars if I have to dump the car.
Hopefully this post will convince 40 people or more to avoid advertising in this publication.

Warning do not use the Autotrader.

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