Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Away From The Tailors

We headed north about three train stations after lunch today. The equivelent to about a 30 minute walk. The major differance was that there was a lot less people attempting to drag us into their stores, and very few if any of the stores had English in their signs. It was a lot more enjoyable.
We were on our way to see the old walled city or something like that (I can't remember the name right now.) and we happened upon the Ladies Market. That was a real treat.
I really enjoy a flea market and Hong Kong has the best in the world. Better than Buenos Aires, Hawaii, and anything in Alberta, combined anyway.
We bought a few small things and decided to postpone the trip to the old city to get some dinner and then head down to the Temple Street Night Market and possibly the Jade Market.
We ate at a pretty nice place on Nathan Road. We ordered two things, but we don't really know the conventions of eating in places that don't have a North American style. They brought one of the items on our order, but Tracie didn't want to start without me so we waited for my part of the order. As it turns out, or at least what we both imagined, was that we were supposed to be sharing the items we ordered, not just eating them ourselves.
I think the waiters clued in to the fact that we were pretty clueless, and they just started leaving the stuff on the table instead of waiting for us to finish eating the first bowl of stuff. Watching us use the chopsticks must have been pretty painfull, because they brought us some forks about 3/4 of the way through the meal. Using the chopsticks is kind of nice though because it slows you down. It's hard to wolf with chopsticks.
After dinner we made our way to the next street market where we bought a few more things that interested us. The coolest thing we saw was a remote controlled UFO. The body is made of styrofoam in the shape of a propeller with a ring around the outside to protect the blades. It flys by spinning a smaller propeller the opposite way inside the ring of styrofoam. I really really wanted to buy one, but the guy was charging 150 hkd and I don't really have anyway of transporting it.
We did buy a dvd to watch, but we were too tired to watch more than 30 minutes. I wish they sold movies in Canada for $3.
Tomorrow we will see the Old Walled City and then head across to Hong Kong Island to go to the beach.
-Gary Milner

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