Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We Really Loved the Airport

We landed an hour early in Hong Kong. I guess we had a pretty good tailwind for most of the way.
The pilot was a little worried about a typhoon near Tiwan but it didn't affect us at all.
The imigrations guy stamped our passports without saying anything, and the customs guys stood their with their machine guns looking bored. Then we were officially in Hong Kong.
We got our backpacks and took off looking for a way to get to the hostel. A cabbie gave us a ride for $200, a steal of a deal, because he didn't want to leave the airport to get back to his area without a fare. He turned the meter on and by the time we got there, it read $250. I was going to tip him the extra $50 but he refused it saying he had promised $200. Sorry those prices are all HK dollars so divide by 6 for the CAD equivelent.
We arrived very early and so had to hang out for an hour until the guy who runs the place to wake up, then another few for the room to be vacated. During this time we went for a walk.
After a while, I wanted to change my shoes and realized that we left our bag of about 6 pairs of shoes at the airport. Luckily we were able to ride the train back to the airport and found a very helpful person from Singapore Airlines that got us back into the claim area to get our bag. I can say enough good things about the people who work for that airline.
-Gary Milner

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