Friday, July 22, 2005

Inside a Fountain

Tracie and I rode the Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Yesterday. WE wanted to explore a little and ride the tram up to the peak for the spectacular view.
We found a fountain that you could go inside and took this photo.
The view from the peak is really quite amazing. As big as everything is over in Kowloon, everything on this side of the water is much bigger. When you see it from the peak it's hard to comprehend how big it actually is. It is hard to even imagine how there could be so many people to fit in all those high rises.
When I'm walking through them all, I find it hard to see anything but the first floor of the side of the street that I'm on. I just block out everything 20 or so feet above me. I block out the people around me and walk around in a daze, only paying attention to what ever might be right in front of me in order to avoid collisions.
We are having a great time, Hong Kong is spectacular and we will be spending our last few days on that side of the water exploring it. The ferry costs a little over fifty cents each, about a quarter the cost of the subway.
Hong Kong seems to be a much richer, more work oriented place. The stores are much larger but have fewer items for sale. There are lots of stores that belong to the big name fashion houses. The buildings are much newer and nicer over there as well.

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