Sunday, July 24, 2005

Man Murdered by Mistake in London

In London yesterday the police saw a guy running to catch the subway. He was wearing a heavy overcoat so they assumed he was a suicide bomber and that he was running from the police. They knocked him down and shot him five times in the head at point blank range. Prime Minister Tony Blair immediately issued a lie that the victom was "directly linked"to the previous suicide bombings. That was lie number one. Now he says that the police accept direct resposiblilty for the killing---lie number two. Guess what responsibilty means. It means personal accountibility. Person accountibility means you are liable for your actions. There is absolutely no intention for any of those involved to admit that they should be held liable for their overzealousness. Let any one actually accuse them of an indescretion and the air will be filled with excuses. One possible reason Blair said that the police accepted full responsibilty was to steer any possible blame away from himself. He isn't even "pretending" to accept any responsibility. Actually I don't think the police did accept responsibility. That was just what Blair said they did.

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