Friday, July 29, 2005

Goodbye Singapore, Hello Perth

Siloso Beach
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As it turns out I had a very nice time in Singapore, once I stopped comparing it to Hong Kong.

We went to Sentosa Island yesterday for a tropical retreat, which was a lot of fun. We visited the southern most point of the Asian continent, swam in the Ocean, and got sunburnt. Not bad for one day.

As Gary said, we rescheduled our flight to Perth and we bumped it up by almost a week. We contemplated going to Kuala Lumpur, but we plan to go to Malaysia and Thailand next year on our way back to Canada. Plus Gary is pretty anxious to get settled.

We're at the Changi airport now. It's about 4:30 pm and our flight doesn't leave until 1:00am, so we're having fun hanging out here.


FYI: The toilets in Singapore flush straight down.

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