Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fighting Makes Me Hungry

Tracie and I were on our way to get some hot eats and we had a wild experience.
We had it in mind to try a hail mary excursion and find the place in this photo again. We knew the general direction from the hostel, but that was about it. As we were walking, some Indian guy stuck a menu out at us. Tracie just ignored him, but I said, wait that's a menu, take it. Little did I know the feeding frenzie that would occur.
The guy imediately wisked us into the building. Five or six other guys tried to give us competitor's menus, but I turned them down.
We got handed off to partners three times within the first 20 feet. The third guy took us to the elevator, but on the way, some other guys tried to steal us away from him by passing us their menus, and a small shoving match ensued. I shouted, "I already have this guys menu, lets go", and we kept moving along.
We got passed off to the guy by the elevator, and thankfully the elevator was full because that gave us time to look at the menu. We rode up to the seventh floor where the restaurant was and on the way we were still undecided. By a pure miracle, nobody got off with us on the seventh floor and there was nobody there to greet us, so we decided to sneak back down the stairs. On the Ground floor I knew there was no way that I could possibly find the way out to the street without running into all these guys again, so we snuck ("did sneak" for my international readers) through a door into a narrow passageway between two of the buildings on the block and exited out the back way.
Tomorrow I'm going to start a fight by switching restaurants several times before I get to the elevator and then slip away during the hilarity which most certainly will ensue.
-Gary Milner

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