Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More Errands

We found a place to live. It is going to cost $170 per week, it is a shared flat, but right now no one else is living there. We're moving in tomorrow.

We opened a bank account at the Commonwealth Bank. It seemed to be the best because several people told us that they have the most ATM's compared to the other banks. Everyone here seems to have the opinion that the banks rob you blind here. I guess forclosing on widows and orphans just isn't enough, sometimes you need to go after the regular guy too.

I wouldn't have gotten the account but I'm delerious from all the snake and spider bites today.

-Garydile Dundee

Next on the agenda is finding a job for myself, once that's progressing well enough I'll have some time to do a few photos of the tourist things here in Perth.

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