Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Along with being Canada Day, yesterday was my sister Jackie and her husband Glen's second anniversary.

Happy Anniversary guys!

We left for Raymond early in the morning to arrive just in time for the Parade to start. It was just about the same as always, but it seemed longer than usual. It was almost 45 minutes long.

Tracie's cousin sold freezies along the route. He made$80 or so in about 20 minutes after selling 120+- freezies. He walked less than half the parade route on only one side of the street. He was selling them for $.50 or 5/$2. I suggested that next year he buy more to sell and charge $1.00 each without the quantity discount. He seemed skeptical. Some people just don't understand that competeing against no one on the basis of price is silly because you're just giving away your own money.

-Gary Milner

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