Thursday, July 14, 2005

3 days left


Now there are only three days left until we leave for a year.

Our first stop is Hong Kong, and I'm very excited for it. We booked a hostel today, so hopefully it isn't too shabby. Things are coming along great, and as far as I know, we have only a few minor things to deal with. (Change addresses with banks and stuff).

Last night some of the girls I work with threw me a going away party at Joey Tomato's. It was a lot of fun and because of some stampede party, the place was packed. There was a band playing outside and maybe 50 or so people partying on the patio, and even more inside. As a going away present, they gave me a gift certificate for chapters, so I'm excited to buy a book to read on the plane. I think I might go today to buy it.

We left Medicine Hat yesterday after saying our goodbyes to the families. I was a bit sad...and even though I can't wait to go, I'm sure I'll miss them while I'm gone.


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