Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Voice Recognition VS. Typing

I I read an article about typing. It said that the number of schools teaching typing was decreasing oil fell last twenty years. They said that typing was becoming an obsolete scale. They said that technology such as a speech recognition was " to replace typing. I decided to fight this blog post using my speech recognition software. You can see that it isn't all that it's cracked up to be. That that's not half bad. When I was typing my journal I used to replace recognition software and found that when I included changing areas, I could speak tended to compare and fix mistakes at just about the same speed as I could hate to end the same information. The main difference being that I could keep up speaking for lot longer than I could typing.
I find that typing with fight is easier than to speaking my thoughts, because typing gives me enough time to think about what I want to refer sailor right. One of the province of speech recognition software for me is backed by tens use sounds that indicate an thinking but should not be translated into tax. So when that we had words but don't seem to have any place there. He spent the longtime training software to understand my voice. I don't think that bid is a 90 percent perfect yet.
I do have affiliate pulled a piece of software doing the ways recognition. Maybe only version would be better than this. It can't seem to understand what I say. It does for quite well that it's not good enough to give up typing
-Gary Milner

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