Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ladykillers Starring Tom Hanks

Tracie and I saw "Ladykillers" yesterday, what a stinker. The saddest part is that the movie had such potential to be good. There was such bad language, I couldn't believe it.

The bad language didn't match the tone of the movie. It seemed like a light hearted comedy but there were so many "F-Bombs" I couldn't believe it. It's not as if it was a Mobster movie, or even a blackspolitation movie. It was a family comedy staring Tom Hanks.

Maybe they though the language was funny, but I sure didn't.

Another problem with the movie was that one of the character's had irritable bowl syndrom. I can understand using a poop joke to get a cheap laugh, but they just wouldn't let the poop joke die.

The last problem that I am going to mention is the fact that although we all wanted to cheer for Tom Hanks, he is not apparently the protagonist of the movie. Why make a movie where the protagonist gets his cumuppance? It just leaves a bad taste in the audience's collective mouth.

I can understand why it wasn't in theaters for very long. Don't rent this movie.

-Gary Milner

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